May 17, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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I woke up to Bentley laying beside me this morning. I was a bit chilly, so I didn't mind at all. Then when she moved to almost lay right on top of my head, I kind of minded but was still not really awake. I definitely minded when she decided to get up and put her paw on my neck-that did wake me up as well very quickly.

Other than that, I think that we all slept great again. We only had a mile to drive this morning to our first stop so we didn't have to scurry around too much. We finished off our Sams muffins this morning. Robby and I had to do one thing to the car this morning, but that didn't take long (the steering wheel at locked when he took the key out, so we had to loosen the straps to get the wheels to turn a bit unlocking the steering wheel-that hadn't happened before for us, but it was an easy fix.)

We left in plenty of time for our tour at Lambeau Field which is home to the Green Bay Packers. Anderson is not a huge football fan, but the Green Bay Packers are one of his favorites. After our tour today, they might become Robby and my favorites too. 

Our tour could not have been any better. Our tour guide was excellent-having a good tour guide can make or break any tour, but ours were wonderful today. We saw pretty much the entire stadium-the opponent's locker room, the roof, the press box, the field, the boxes and probably more than I can remember.

Most people, even Reagan, already knew that the public owns the Green Bay Packer team. What I thought was super neat was that when they won the last Super Bowl, everyone was awarded their rings at the same time-all of the players plus all of their full time employees. So the quarterback and the janitor and everyone else received their rings at the exact same ceremony at the exact same time.  

Now, our tour guides weren't full time employees so they didn't get the rings. That kind of made me sad. However, they did get to fly in a charter plane to see the Super Bowl with all of the other employees so I didn't really feel too bad for them. And really, what would you do with a Super Bowl ring? You sure are not going to wear it around town? Could you sell it? Or is it one of those things that you just have to keep it for your kids so it just takes up room in a closet?

And speaking of keeping things for your kids-to get season tickets there you have to be on a waiting list which is currently over 100 thousand people long. They said that people have to will their waiting list positions to their kids. 

Enough of that-the tour was great and the gift shop was huge. We left without spending too much money-an ornament and sticker for the camper and that was it. Then it was to the camper for lunch. After we ate, we walked down the road a bit to Titletown which is a huge entertainment area near the field-restaurants, snow tubing (in the winter), playgrounds, a real football field, apartments and more. 

It was really a fun area. The kids played and ran up and down that field until they were exhausted. We were all hot today-in the sun it was warm. Now in the shade it was chilly, so we had sweatshirts on and off all afternoon. Once we did get closet to the water, the temperature certainly did drop.

After the tour and our time playing, we left Green Bay and headed to Door County. Door County had been on my "Places to Visit" list for a long while. I see things that I want to do, eat, or see and put them on the list. Sometimes I put exactly what I want to do, other times I just say a name-this was one of those times. As we drove here, I wondered that maybe I should have done more research before dragging the family to a peninsula in Wisconsin.

I was wrong though because it is was a neat little drive and has some neat places that we will explore tomorrow. On our way here, we did stop at a cheese shop-we are in Wisconsin after all. Renard's Cheese was right off of our drive so it was perfectly easy to get into.

We first walked around-lots of cheese. There were some things I wanted to buy-an elephant ear (large flat cinnamon and sugar bread but way too expensive), peach or strawberry salsa (wasn't sure if we still liked peach salsa and wasn't sure if we would like strawberry salsa since we had never heard of such a thing), 50 year old cheese (but 60 dollars for a pound of cheese seems a bit much-though I could have swung the 2 or 3 or 5 year old cheese-I wanted to do a taste test.)...

And speaking of taste test: they had a lady there giving out samples. Our crew moved through the line asking for mozerella or cheddar. Then Whitman. I could just stop there, but Whitman, bless him. He asked the lady, "what is the worst one?" We helped him rephrase his question to which was her least favorite. She then handed him a square of blue cheese.

He stared at it on the toothpick for a good while until he tried it. Then he promptly walked right to the trash can and spit it out before swallowing it. The sample lady then asked him if he knew what the blue dots were in the cheese. He said no, so she told him-mold. Whitman's eyes were huge. He looked at her like she had just tried to poison him. I tried to comfort him reminding him the mold is what is used to make penicillin so he is probably healthier now.

Honestly, I am surprised that he had the string mozerella cheese that we bought when we left there. I would have thought that he was finished eating cheese for good. We also bought a huge pan of mac and cheese that we plan on eating tomorrow night along with some cheese spread that Robby and I ate for the rest of the drive on crackers.

We made it to our campground, Hyland Court, and immediately found our spot and started unloading. The bikes were one of the first things off. We then had to work on Anderson's bike for a bit. Ugh, I guess when you buy cheap bikes they just don't last very long. His brakes aren't working correctly-they are always on. He can still ride it, but I guess we will have to just buy him a new one. All of their bikes are having some problems lately-they have almost made it 2 years so maybe that is how long bikes last? Maybe Robby should have been a bike repairman because I know some days he feels like he already is.

Next up was supper-chicken tacos. After Tony showed Robby how to cook chicken, this was our first time to do it by ourselves. And man, can he cook some chicken? It was again delicious-when 6 out 6 Dennie kids all agree that they really like something, you take note. We will definitely be cooking it again.

After eating, Robby and I walked around the campground with Keaton and Bentley. We walked the whole loop and there are plenty of empty sites here. We are in the "shoulder" season here-meaning lots of things haven't opened yet.

Then we came back to make our dessert-cinnamon bread on the griddle. I guess when you coat anything in butter, cinnamon and sugar it is good. We all ate inside since it is chilly tonight. We had to clean up and started cycling people through the shower. 

Right now it is nearly 11, and most people are still awake. Robby is working and then is going to plan our route for tomorrow. I have to work on my campground list and then will take my shower. 

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