May 19, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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I went to the bathroom last night at 12:30 and woke up feeling like I had been asleep for hours. Then I decided that I needed a tums, so I started digging through my bag next to me to find one. I guess me getting up didn't wake Robby up, but me digging for the tums did wake him up. He started reaching around for Bentley thinking that she was eating something.

After this, we all did go back to sleep for the rest of the night. I woke up when Robby was taking Bentley outside this morning. He was already up and dressed. I hoped on up and got myself ready for the day. Then I joined him in the front of the camper just as we drove off.

I think that I have mentioned it before, but when I have to get to the front of the camper, it takes a lot of skill. Today I was holding my shoes, my water bottle, my sunglasses and my phone so I could use it as a flashlight since I didn't want to step on Anderson or Graham's heads. I had to crawl/step over them and their beds to get to the front. Then I have to duck under the blanket that we have to divide the front and the back. Finally, when I get there-Bentley is always sitting in my seat. She usually isn't to thrilled about getting up.

We drove right out of the campground with no problems at all. Then we passed my ice cream place. Of course it was closed. Robby was talking about it today, and he said that the next time we have ice cream he isn't going to share. That ice cream was definitely not ice cream that should be shared. It was that good.

Most everything in Door County was closed as we drove by it at 7 this morning. There weren't even too many cars on the road for a bit of the journey. Our first stop was gas this morning, but we had driven about 2 hours before we did stop. 

It was later in the day when we stopped for lunch. We stopped at a beautiful park overlooking Lake Michigan. As we were driving there, we were able to see the lake with the sun shining on it. It was absolutely gorgeous. 

But in true Dennie fashion, as we approached the Lakeview Park where we stopped for lunch, the fog rolled in. And rolled in it did! Not only was it foggy, it became windy-like Robby was having to use 2 hands to keep the car on the road. 

So the park could have been beautiful. It was pretty, but the fog did get in the way-and the bugs! Oh, the bugs! We did all brave the outside for a little bit to get a few pictures, but gracious the bugs!

Actually, the bugs were really nothing there compared to the next stop where we could overlook the bridge. And then the buggiest stop was at the south side of the Mackinac Island bridge. (And yes, I think that there might have been another gas stop along the way.)

Someone from church had given me the suggestion to stop today where we did under the bridge. It was a beautiful stop. I would rather look at the bridge from the ground than on top of it. It kind of made me a bit nervous-and really, the fact that Robby was using two hands again to keep the car on the road because of the wind, didn't make me feel any better.

The bugs at this stop under the bridge were crazy. Like swarms of them-you could see the black cloud. I wasn't sure that we were going to be able to get Reagan down to the water to take a picture. She made it though and the picture was good. It was worth us even having to drive down a one way street the wrong direction to get there. It was brief and there were no cars coming. 

Just a reminder, in this big ole thing there is no turning around. Well, the camper can turn around-that wouldn't be a huge deal. The camper and the car just can't turn around. No sharp turns with the car dolly, and it can't really back up. If we make a mistake, we have to unhook everything in the middle of the road. Thankfully, that has not happened yet! 

We were close to that happening today, but with our little drive down the one way, it didn't have to happen. So we survived one more day without creating a traffic jam. From there, we drove for about 2 and a half  more hours-really, I don't know how long we drove. We drove for 8.5 hours today so it all does run together a bit in my mind.

Anyway, we drove through some neat little towns on the way there. We are supposedly near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. However, we made it to the campground first. This is a huge campground which is at least half full. 

As soon as we arrived, Robby hooked us up some. The kids headed off to the playground, and Robby and I took off on a walk with Bentley. We walked about 3/4ths of this loop before the rain made us hurry on back. While we were walking, we even met two golden retrievers who looked just like Bentley. 

We didn't have time to finish the loop today or to even go on the fancy side of the campground-you have to have a nice rig to stay there. When we finished our walk, we started on our supper. Tonight was leftovers-we cleaned out everything except for the chicken spaghetti. That was good. Plus we had popcorn for snack that Robby picked up at the bridge. Some folks did choose apples for their snacks though.

Currently, people are working on brushing their teeth and then we will make beds for the evening. The time changed today so it doesn't feel like 10 to us, but I think that I am the one who is tired tonight.

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