February 16, 2023

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  • Oh, the rain was so delicious to hear this morning while we were sleeping. Bentley didn't find it that nice though and ended up back in our bed. She now starts the evening off on the couch, but when we turn off our lights to go to bed she gets in our bed. Then in the middle of the night she goes back to the couch for the rest of the night. Though the thunder today caused her to come back to our bed.
  • I again waited as long as I could before getting up. I know I just had a break, but maybe I am already ready for spring break. We did get everything accomplished today that I intended to so it was a win.
  • This afternoon I did clean out a closet upstairs so that was exciting-and I even have quite a few things to get rid of which makes my heart happy. I reminded Robby that I am doing my part-remember the other day at the antique mall that we decided to get rid of everything in the house. I am trying my best.
  • I ran to pick up Graham today after his class-actually, Keaton saved the day when she asked what time I had to get Graham. I looked at my clock and realized that the time to pick him up was right then. 
  • I was feeling brave and did let him drive some of the way home. He did fine-we made it so I can't complain. He isn't yet used to how hard to press the brake and gas pedals. He offered to pull into the garage, but I was like nah, we can just park the car right here.
  • I ran to the pregnancy center today for a little bit. I was just about there for an hour and a half. I basically just did a lot of folding clothes. Then on the way home I did pick up pizza for everyone, but first I did run into the library.
  • I had some time before the pizza was ready, but man I just love the library. I didn't have any books for me, but there were quite a few that I had gotten for Whitman. I am sure the ladies in the library wonder why I am alway grinning when I walk through the doors-I feel like it is Christmas morning. Maybe my next career should have something to do with books.
  • Tonight Reagan went out to watch a friend dance so she will be out late. Shannon came over for a little bit to pick up her laundry and drop off some snacks. And currently, I am cuddled up under a blanket trying to decide if I want to watch a tv show or read some.

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