February 18, 2023

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  • We tried to sleep late this morning, but that didn't happen to much. I think that the only one who did sleep late was Whitman, and I had to wake up him around 9:45 so he could get ready to leave.
  • The girls, Whitman and I left to pick up Keaton's second friend to come over. She is loving this weekend with no big brothers or sisters at the house. She actually asked while Robby and I were on vacation if she could have 2 friends over while the others were gone. I know that I surprised her with my "sure" answer, instead of my usual "we will see." 
  • After picking up Rylee we headed to Defy for them to jump a little bit. They stayed an hour and a half and were pretty sure that their color had been called, but I was not so sure. It didn't matter to me because I was getting tired of reading.
  • We headed to Sonic for a few drinks for the girls and Whitman, and then headed back to the house. There we had about an hour and a half before it was time to leave again for the boys' first ballgame.
  • Graham and Anderson met us there from church. The first ballgame wasn't too pretty but the boys did win it. When the game was over, Whitman went home with Grannymom for a little bit while Robby and the big boys went home for a few minutes.
  • Keaton, Rylee, Sophia and I went to Goodwill. I had told them they I woul buy them one thing each so they definetely found something. It took a little while though, but they finally did. Then we ran to Kohls to return something before metting everyone back at the second ballgame.
  • This game didn't turn out as pretty. However, the boys' team did stay pretty close, and I think that the only lost by 5. The other team was quite a bit larger than our boys, so much so that when it was over, Anderson said, "we did decent since we were playing men with kids."
  • Robby bought the boys Burger King on the way home while the girls made chicken sandwiches (again) and pasta for their supper. The boys ate their suppers, showered and are now back at the church house.
  • The girls are all upstairs eating their supper and probably playing the Wii while Robby and I are on the couch about to watch some tv. While Whitman is about to have his weekly shower (yep, probably it has been a week). 

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