February 25, 2023

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  • Let's see we were as lazy as we could be this Saturday morning. Robby was a little more productive that I was, but I was awake earlier than him. Actually, I was awake earlier than him working on the laundry and dishes so I take that back about him being more productive than me. We were equally productive today.
  • The highlight of my morning was actually finding things to give away on this Facebook site. I am not sure if I have mentioned it before on here yet, but it is my new favorite things. You post what you don't want and people come to your house to pick it up. It is like minimalist and hoarders have gotten together and formed a happy family. I posted 10 things today, and had at least 16 people ask for them. Now, not everything will probably be picked up, but still I'm cleaning this place out.
  • Soon most of us were in the living room watching the Hogs play. I tried to help them by taking a nap and slept soundly thoughout the game. It was wonderful-but I guess maybe they needed my help to cheer them on.
  • Keaton made snickerdoodles soon afterwards, and as soon as they were out of the oven, I left to take the boys to basketball. Robby and the others came-they were about 5 minutes late, but we had already played the whole first quarter. I guess they got started early and were ready to be done today.
  • The boys played fine and had fun. The team that the played beat them by 30 points last year, and today they only one by 14. At one point, it was more like a football match-people were lying all over the court. I think that they have one more game to play next week, the boys have had quite a bit of fun this year, so I am certainly glad they were able to play.
  • Half of us headed to Costco on the way home, but that silly store closes at 6. What in the world? That was fine though because when we came home, I had my leftovers from last night and Robby made pizzas for the others. 
  • Now it is Saturday night shower time for the people! And I have time to get a little bit of reading done. 

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