February 2, 2023

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  • I usually enjoy Thursdays but this was a hard one. I did sleep wonderfully until my alarm went off this morning. I had even decided last night to let the kids sleep in a little bit this morning, but when I did get up Graham was already working on his school work.
  • I did a few chores, and then I woke Whitman. I did let him sleep in some, but he still had a full day's worth of school to work on. Anderson was awake as well and was feeling pretty rough. So soon I was calling to get him a doctor's appointment.
  • I then woke up Keaton and was able to read to the little 3 for a few minutes before I went with Robby to pick up the van. It is not fixed and no longer rattling. He headed on to the store while I headed home.
  • At home, I went to work on making meal for a friend and then one for the kids while we are gone, one for the freezer and half of one to eat tonight. This took me a good while especailly since I had to pause in the middle to take Anderson in.
  • Well, he wasn't faking it-he has strep. (I didn't think that he was.) His fever was even pretty high at the doctor's office-despite me giving him tylenol earlier in the day. Robby had given me the option of him picking up the meds or me getting them. 
  • I wanted to get them in Anderson quickly so he sat in the car and waited while I "ran" in. I first checked in to make sure that they had his prescription and then returned in 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes I offered Anderson to get him some tylenol for right then and a drink from Walmart, but he declined.
  • So at the end of 20 minutes, I returned and bought Anderson's medicine. As I was checking out, Robby called saying that his meds were ready too, so they found those for me. While the pharmacist was checking me out, I realized that they hadn't filled on of the two that the doctor prescribed for Anderson which meant I had to do the wait all over again.
  • I did deliver the meds and what all I found while waiting for the first round to the car, and then returned to wait for the second round. It did take as long as the first round, but when I did have all of the meds, I sped home and doped my boy up.
  • Nonna and Pops came over for a few minutes and watched me work on the last bit of the manicotti. Then before I realized it, I was sitting on the couch reading. I then noticed that Robby was sleeping so I decided to take myself a nap as well.
  • Supper was the 1/2 pan of manicotti, but also it is an "eat whatever you would like night." Those really seem to be the favorites around here-Campbell had chinese leftovers, Whitman had an english muffin pizza while the others did eat the manicotti.
  • After eating, we settled into the couch to watch some tv and I still have a few pages of my book to read before tomorrow as well.

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