February 7, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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Robby and I woke up a little bit before our alarms this morning. I think that we were both a little excited about our trip. The morning still started out like all of the rest with the things around the house. I was even able to help Keaton and Whitman with their school work since today's school work was a little bit different than what they usually have to do.

Soon, we were loading up with Anderson driving Robby, Graham and me. Reagan was in the other car, and we all headed to church. At church, Robby and I loaded up with Grannymom and Grandpa who took us to the airport while Reagan, Graham, and Anderson killed a few extra minutes before their classes by going to Sonic.

After the boys' classes they headed home while Reagan went to lunch with a friend and then had another class. Once the boys were home, they cooked themselves chicken sandwiches for lunch and had some downtime until tonight when Reagan took the boys to basketball practice. Manicotti was for supper tonight, and I am sure that there was plenty of ice cream eaten-I know this becuase I received a frantic text asking about more paper bowls. 

I am sure that they are not trying to use real dishes becuase that means that you have to do the dishwasher. Also, before bedtime I did receive a proof of life photo from all of the kids so I do believe that they are managing well though it has only been less than 12 hours.

Robby and I had a few minutes at the LR airport for him to do some work and finish his coke before we went through security. Then there was the hour long flight to Atlanta. On that flight I finished one book and started on another. 

Soon we had landed in Atlanta and went looking for lunch. We ate a huge and delicious box of nachos. I could have eaten more, but the idea of eating too much Mexican food before sitting on an airplane for a while stopped me.

I was looking forward to reading on the next flight, but they had one of those tv monitor things where you could watch a movie, and there was a movie on there that I really wanted to see. I did no reading on that flight! Here is the thing though-I was only able to finish less than half of the movie. I guess I can finsih some more on the way home, but then what? How will I know how it ends?  Like we may have to fly somewhere else.

We were able to get off the plane quickly in Orland and walked right to the luggage gate. While we were waiting on luggage, Robby went to check on the rental car place. As we walked past all of the rental places none of them had lines....until we got to Dollar! There was a line, a long line, a very long line.

I headed back to get our bags while Robby got in the line to wait. And wait he did-over an hour and a half! It was crazy. The employees would come out, help one person and then to go the back for 10 minutes. Thankfully, we had no schedule but it could have made a person angry-not us though.

We eventually were able to get our car. Then it was on to the house-I guess it is a townhouse. There is a kitchen, living room and half bath on the first floor. Then three bedrooms on the second floor. Our room has a bathroom, but the bathroom is nothing special. It was the same price as a hotel room.

After unloading, we decided that we needed something to eat so we went to Magic Kingdom to see if they had anything we wanted. Well, I guess since it was after 9 places did start closing. There were a few different things that we walked to because we wanted to try and they were all closed. We did end up at Pecos Bill splitting a kids burger and a kids rice bowl. They were both good so we were satisified.

On the way out, we road Pirates before walking back to our car. From there we went to Walmart, but since it was after 11 they were already closed. It has been a long day, but I still have some spread sheet work to do before I go to bed-counting the number of Disney days on this pass so far. 

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