February 6, 2023

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  • I am fairly sure that today is Monday! It has been that kind of day-well, not really. Actually, things have gone fairly well. Keaton wanted me to wake her up at 8 this morning, and I did at 8:10. Unfortunately, at 8:30 when I woke everyone up she didn't remember me waking her up the first time that I tried. She had only wanted to get ahead on her school work, but she still finished in plenty of time today even though she got a later start than what she wanted.
  • I read with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman-the big excitement today was that we finished a book that we had been reading since we started school. I had hopes of finishing science today along with one of Whitman's books, but those will have to be finihsed next week.
  • Everyone seemed to do their work fairly quickly today, and for some reason Whitman and I were working together before noon which rarely happens. We did his spelling-the boy can't spell at all. Bless him. We have now started again on what we used in kindergarten and I plan on catching him up-whatever we missed last time, he is going to get it this time. I hope!
  • When Whitman and I finished, I waited on all of the boys to finish eating their lunch. Then we headed to get all of our hair cut. They all look super nice with their haircuts, and I think that they were all pleased with it. 
  • Back at home, we all left for Defy. Reagan was already at work, and when she finished her real work, she had to head to church to keep kids for a few hours. We stayed at Defy until 5, and then came home.
  • Oh, yes, I did forget to mention that Graham drove for a tiny bit today. He definitely needs some practice. I did tell him that driving school begins when I get back. And Anderson drove home with his brothers from Costco after our haircuts. Robby met us so we could get gas, then we ran to Costco with the boys. When they headed home, we went on to Kroger.
  • Supper tonight was leftovers for the kids while I went out to Tazikis with some friends. The big hit tonight was the Wii at the house. There had been a broken part, that Robby was able to repair so the kids spent a good while tonight playing it. 
  • It is almost 10-and about time to start telling these kids goodnight. 

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