February 14, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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Coming home days are always sad days. Now, we were certainly glad to get home to the kids, but oh the responsibility is another thing for sure. We tried to figure out a way for the kids to just hop and a plane and join us for another week or so.

We left the house this morning around 11. We didn't have much cleaning to do there-nor did the housecleaners for sure since we only slept in one bed and used one bathroom. 

We had to get gas, but then it took us only about 30 minutes to get to the airport. Dropping off the rental car was fine, but there was a bit of a wait to drop off our bags. We had plenty of time so it wasn't a big deal. We then stopped to eat our last frozen pizza before going through securtity. Robby had bought two, and since we had only eaten one he cooked the last one this morning.

We had that while we drank our last 2 cokes that he had bought. Our extra tortillas, granola bars, and poptarts were all stuffed into our suitcases. I couldn't figure out a way to bring the last few bottled waters though.

Security was simple especially since Robby had reserved us a time to go through so we only waited maybe 5 minutes. Then it was off to Atlanta. That flight was great, and soon we found our gate to Little Rock. We did get us a burger from Five Guys before boarding the Little Rock flight. 

We hadn't been on the plane too long when the captain came on. Those announcements are always hard to hear, but the word "unfortunately" quickly caught our attention. There were a hydraulic leak that they couldn't fix at the gate so they made us get off the plane. Within 30 minutes though they had found us another plane nearby so we all went to that gate. We ended up getting home about an hour and a half later, so it really did work out well.

Reagan, Anderson and Graham had to deal with rain driving to and from school today. They leave at different times so they had to take seperate cars. Tonight the boys had basketball practice late so Anderson again drove to that. We left and he was barely driving, and we come home and he is going everywhere. I guess he just needed a little bit of a push.

Campbell had the girls' night at Rock Creek-she came home with flowers, balloons and nail polish. Plus they had ChickFilA there and chocolate coverered strawberries. Since we weren't home yet, Reagan had to take and pick her up. 

We had intended to be there to pick her up, but the plane delay slowed us down. Nonna and Pops picked us up from the air port and brought us home. The kids were all downstairs, and stayed downstairs chatting with us for quite a while.

Keaton had made a valentine's day brownie in a heart shaped pan. I had boxes of candy and Robby had money for their Valentine's so we just had ourselves a little party. It was nearly 11 by the time that everyone did get in bed-I'm thinking that school may not start on time tomorrow. I know that they are not used to getting up early for sure...and neither am I.

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