February 11, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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This morning started our full of stress for me, and I hadn't even left the bed. First-Reagan and Anderson took the ACT this morning. I waited until almost time for them to go before I did text to see if they were awake. Anderson wrote back, but still the time ticked by, and I hadn't seen the garage door go up on my phone.

After tracking them, I was able to see that they were actually already in the car, and the door didn't show up because the house internet was down. I tracked them unitl they made it to the building, and then did my fair share of praying for them to make good guesses! 

However, that wasn't even the most stressfull part. An hour after they had to leave the house, it was time for Robby to register Keaton and Whitman for their cooking camp. These camps fill up within minutes, and we weren't originally able to get Cambpell in to the one that she wanted last year. We had a back up week that would work just in case our first choice didn't, but thankfully everything worked well.

Robby and I were able to get the Gaurdians ride again today so we went to Epcot and did the paint by number thing again. We did stop for a little snack of empanadas-they were fine, but we were expecting ones filled with beef and not just cheese. Then it was on to Gaurdians before traipsing back to the car to head to Disney Springs.

At Disney Springs, we snagged a spot in the virtual queue for Gideons-a cookie place. They wait was said to be 4 to 5 hours so our next stop was some Caribean Jerk Poutine before going back to the house for a little bit.

It took about 4 hours for our number to be called back before we headed back to Gideons. The crowds were crazy tonight, but we were able to get decent parking. The line wasn't too bad, and we quickly made up our mind of what 1/2 pound cookies we wanted.

Unfortunately, they were out of one of the ones that we wanted so we ended up with chocolate chip (not our favorite), oreo (Robby's favorite), and peanut butter (my favorite). Now we think that we like these better than crumble and have eaten 1/4th of each. They are massive. We will have to take the kids here one time and possibly try a slice of cake, but I am done eating for the day for sure.

Before we did eat our cookies, we did come home and cook a frozen pizza. We finished that off while watching the Hogs lose their game tonight. Then we came upstairs to camp out in the bed. The blog is almost finished so I might take an early shower.

The kids have had big days-first the ACT for Reagan and Anderson. She wrote afterwards asking us to pay for their lunch out since the test had caused trauma for them. I agreed, and they went to Tacos for Life. Keaton and Campbell went to the Crafts to spend the night tonight. Anderson and Graham had a basketball game this evening-they ended up losing, but it was a super close game until the end. Reagan said that everyone played well. I think that their supper was also frozen pizza tonight at home or at least that was what was on the list. 

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