February 17, 2023

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  • Fridays are my day to not have to do school, but there is usually some school to do on Fridays. For example, Anderson had 2 paragraphs for me to check along with his math, Graham had a paragraph, I read science and history with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman, plus I did spelling with Whitman.
  • This is the 4th (I think) spelling thing that I have tried with Whitman. Bless him, he just can't spell. It is strange since he can read so, so well. We are now back to what we started with on spelling-this is actually the same book that he did in kindergarten, but we are doing it again and starting from scratch. We just started it, so I decided that we better do it on Fridays too because I would like to get through 2 before school starts in August so he won't be that far behind. 
  • Now only was there peoeple to work with for school, but today is the day that I have to pull things our for next week. This year it is a bit harder because I have a few things that have to be printed each week. That takes a bit of time for sure. And it isn't as exciting the last few weeks because we have slowed down on finishing things. Pretty much everything from here on out we will work on until the end of the year.
  • Robby took the van in this morning for them to check the tires. One had a nail in it so that was the cause of the slow leak. I met him with the suburban, and he stayed to get that one fixed as well. It also had a slow leak, but the nail in this one was on the edge so it wasn't fixable. Another tire was worn to the tread so that was two new tires today.
  • When we did get home, I took Reagan to work since the suburban wasn't at the house. She didn't think that she could back up the minivan-even though it is like 2 feet shorter. Whatever. The check tire light did come back on-he aired things up again, and it was off later when I went to pick her up so hopefully that was just a fluke. 
  • Tonight, Campbell is at her Big Chill Weekend. She was pretty excited about it. Reagan is helping with the 6th grade girls and also was excited. She had thought through what all she needed-back pack, notecards. Anderson and Graham are helping with the production part of the weekend so they are also away all weekend. 
  • That just left Keaton and Whitamn. So Keaton decided that she needed a friend over tonight and two tomorrow night. They all stayed at the house tonight while we watched the ballgame with the Wilsons. 
  • The kids had chicken sandwiches and then made some massive oatmeal cream pies! They were delicious. Right now, Keaton and Sophia are in the bonus room, and Whitman is in his room to sleep.
  • Whitman has never slept in a room by himself, so I am not too sure how that is all going to go down. He wanted to sleep up there-I do have a blanket on my couch so it is ready for him!

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