February 23, 2023

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  • Thursdays have always been one of my favorite days. This morning started off with Bentley waking me up to go and look out the front window. She laid there quitely for a long while.
  • Then she saw something that she thought must have looked murderous because she went nuts. I got out of bed to come and see what she saw. I even opened the front door and still didn't see anything. Finally, I saw a little dog far away in the yard. I am not sure what Bentley thought that it was, but she did not want for us to be unaware.
  • This all did make waking the kids up a little bit easier since all of this happened around when it was time to wake them up. Graham had a test today at Comm Central so just as Robby was leaving to go to the grocery store before picking Graham up, he was already writing saying that he was finished.
  • They did a bit of shopping before coming home. Anderson left next to go and work at Raymar for about an hour. 
  • Then Reagan came home and soon afterwards got her first babysitting gig. It was for in about 30 minutes, so she headed off to do that-worked for one hour and made 25 dollars. That isn't too bad at all,
  • While the big kids were all out earning money, Robby and I took the 3 littles to Defy. Graham wanted to go, but he also didn't want to go without Anderson so he stayed home. After they jumped, we ran to Sams and Sonic.
  • Soon we were all back home. I worked on baking something and even pulled out some school for next week before it was time for supper.
  • We had orange chicken for supper tonight-we are still trying to find the right noodles to eat with it, but I thought that tonight's were pretty good. After supper, I played a game with some folks, and then Campbell made some brownies for tonight's snack.

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