February 19, 2023

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  • At about 5 this morning, Bentley jumped out of bed barking and pawing at our window. Obviously, she woke us up with a start. I thought we were all going to die-of fright or from whatever she was barking at. Robby looked out the window but didn't see anything. I was too frightened to leave the bed just in case!
  • Thankfully, we all survived the rest of the morning. I think though that we need better blinds or a dog who sleeps in her kennel and not in our bed. 
  • All too soon it was time for us to wake up. I climbed out of bed to turn the oven on so I could make the girls some cinnamon rolls. An we did remember to wake Whitman up in time for him to get dressed and eat a few cinnamon rolls.
  • At church, we saw the other kids-Reagan had a good weekend with the 6th graders, Anderson and Graham enjoyed helping, and Cambpell enjoyed the weekend participating. I would say they all enjoyed it immensely-Campbell, Graham and Reagan all had naps this afternoon. Reagan's nap stretched into the evening. She said that she slept for about 5 hours.
  • Robby and I also had a nap after church-I think that our naps lasted around 3 hours and we didn't even have a big weekend. 
  • Everyone did wake up in time for the 3 to head to Rock Creek for church tonight. While they were gone, Robby, Keaton and I started working on tonight's supper-chicken fingers, green beans, mashed potatoes, biscuits and snicker brownies. It was all decent.
  • We ate and visited for a while. When the Wilson's left, we cleaned up the kitchen quickly before watching one tv show while I worked on the blog for a few minutes.

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