February 13, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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This morning Robby and I went to Epcot first this this morning. We went and did the paint by number thing again-it should have been a different painting, but it was one that we had done before. That was fine though, I had just wanted to collect a different book mark.

Then we watched the Pixar short films on the other side of the park. When we were finished there, we went to get our picture made. This was a special photo spot where you do have to show your Disney Visa to get in.

Robby went to look for his wallet and nope, he didn't have it. That's not good-might need that driver's license tomorrow plus he carries around a pretty big Disney gift card. So the only option would be in his chair that we sat in during the film or in the car. We hadn't stopped anywhere else, and he was pretty sure he didn't drop it in the seat.

So we took a walk to the car-more like a power walk. And if you have been to Disney, then you know that really this walk was more like a 5k. It wasn't that far, but it was far. We made it-he searched, I searched, and then when we were about to panic, he saw it on the floor. So all was well!

After this, we walked back inside of Epcot and sat down to eat our turkey rolls ups. Soon after that they called our number for Gaurdians. This was our 4th time to ride it this trip-and nope, I really still don't like it.

When the ride was over, we rode the monorail to the ticket and transportation center and then caught the next monorail to the Magic Kingdom. There we bought a cheeseburger spring roll. It was really good. After eating that we did need something to cleanse our pallet-so frozen orange drinks mixed with vanilla ice cream was next.

We finished those while we watched a short little parade go by. Then we walked around all of Magic Kingdom one last time. From there we had the 2 monorials back to the Epcot and then the walk to the car-which we knew where it was really well since we had already walked there.

Tonight's supper was at Boatwrights in Port Orleans. Cornbread came with our meal. But we did buy 2 appetizers (it's Valentines almost)-boudain balls and some type of fried pimento cheese things. Then we split a plate that had ribs, chicken fingers, sausage, brisket, mac and cheese, mashed potatos, corn and green beans. That was definitly plenty for us.

By this time, it was 9ish so we headed back to the house to repack things and start getting things ready for our trek home tomorrow. 

The kids had a big day today-Reagan had work this afternoon, but Anderson drove the others to Defy and then Sonic. The girls and Whitman made Valentine's Day cookies, and then they had supper at Nonna and Pop's house.

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