February 4, 2023

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  • We did stay in bed for quite a while today. When Robby did get up, he made 7up biscuits. The recipe was definitely a keeper, and we even have a few biscuits leftover for the next few days. While he worked on that, I did some things around the house and also worked on some spelling for Whitman.
  • Eventually, I decided that I would run to the library. I missed my Wednesday trip plus I am now out of books to read. Reagan does have one book upstairs that I want to read, but I am saving that as my emergency book. 
  • While I was at the library, I picked up a few books for me and about 20 different ones for Whitman. Sometimes he flies through books so I wanted to make sure that he had plenty to read this next week at school.
  • When I left I text Campbell and Keaton to see if they wanted to go with me when I returned home. Keaton wanted to get a hair cut. Campbell opted out of coming, so it was just Keaton and me. The hair cut place is running a sale over the next few days, so I think that everyone will be getting a hair cut soon. 
  • After her haircut, we walked around Walmart really quickly before heading home. They had a ton of clearance stuff, but nothing that we had to have. Back at home, all of the boys were on the couch with Robby. All of them except for Whitman were watching the Hogs play their game. 
  • I slept the first half while the razorbacks did well but was awake the second half while the struggled. They still won even though I was awake during the ending of the game.
  • Possibly I should nap during the boys' basketball games. They had one tonight, and lost just by 2 points. It was a super close and low scoring game. Anderson was able to play-even fouled out-but how sick he was on Thursday it was a wonder he could play at all.
  • After the game, we picked up pizza for supper. The kids ate and cycled through the shower. I can't figure out what I would like to eat for dessert tonight-ice cream or hot chocolate or maybe something else.

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