February 12, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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Robby and I lounged around a little bit this morning and even listened to a little bit of the church service before leaving for most of the day. Our first stop this morning was Epcot where we rode Soarin. Afterwards, we sat down and ate our cheese and turkey rolls ups for lunch.

Then we walked to the back of the park and rode the Sky Liner until we reached the Riviera. There we walked around some and ended up buying a lasagna. I think the reason we bought it was because it was so cute! It was in a case that was warm so it was already heated. It was also in a case with cookies which I realized later must have also been warm-I really would have liked to try one of those cookies too. 

After eating our little snack, we waked through the Caribbean Beach resort until we made it to the next Sky Liner. There we rode the Hollywood Studios. There we did really nothing-we did take a few pictures. I thought that we were in line for a character picture, but it was just one of the magic shots.

I have decided that I am actually going to make a shirt for myself that says "Please, no magic shots." If you don't know, magic shots are the pictures where you are looking at your hand and Tinkerbell appears. Or you are scared standikng inf ront of Tower of Terror. Or like today when there were Storm Troopers beside us. I just want to take a smiling picture-not one with my hand in the air or looking surprised. I'm not sure if all of that can go on a tshirt though.

We then rode the boat halfway back to Epcot before we got off at the Yacht Club and walked the rest of the way back to Epcot. At Epcot we decided that we needed one more snack-empanadas. This time they were filled with potatoes and chirozo instead of just cheese like the ones from the other day. This was much better; however, they were spicy! Almost too spicy for me.

We then walked all the way around the countries until we made it to Gaurdians. Robby wasn't able to get in the virtual cue this morning, but he did this afternoon. So we jumped in that line to ride it for the 3rd time this trip. As we were sitting there strapped in, I did remind Robby that I really don't like the ride. 

From there, we walked to our car. We debated going to Animal Kingdom for a little bit, but opted to veg out at the house for about an hour before our supper. That was good becuase Robby was able to walk Reagan through getting gas this evening.

After watching a bit of the Super Bowl, we went to Wildernness Lodge and checked in at Artist Point for our supper. We were a few minutes early so we went and sat by my hiddne fireplace-I would stay at that spot if we stayed at that hotel.

Our supper tonight included us getting to see the queen, Snow White, Grumpy and Dopey. That was fun. Also they brought 3 different appetizers-mushroom soup (I'll eat anything in a cute little tiny bowl), a meatball on a puff pastry (the best), and shrimp (I didn't try it.)

Then we had the main course. Robby had pork shank-it was good and even came with some mashed potatoes. I had chicken. Yep, it was chicken and needed some sauce. It did come with cauliflower puree-which I would have loved, but there was only about a tablespoon of it! Ha! 

Our waiter was great and brought us a popover when we asked about them. We had never had popovers-I have always wanted them when we are in Acadia, but we have never gotten them. We discovered that we don't actually like popovers. Our waiter also kept our drinks filled, and this was the first time on this trip that that has happened.

For desserts, they brought us a chocolate filled truffle in the shape of a poisoned apple (very good and cute), an apple tart which called a gooseberry pie (super tarty and my favorite), a chocolate heart (dark chocolate so Robby didn't like it), and some other chocoalte mouse type thing called Miner's Treasure. Of course these were tiny, but I loved them all. I really wish that the entrees could have been tiny samples of everything as well. 

It wasn't a cheap meal tonight, but it was probably my favorite of our trip. Robby's favorite and my second choice was Sanaa-we would eat there again. Tonight's restaurant was a once and done type place, but I would recommend it to folks.

Campbell and Keaton had spent the night with the Crafts so they got them to the church house this morning. After Sunday school, Keaton and Whitman went to Raymar for their Lifegroup. They ate lunch, had a devotional, planted trees, and played kickball. The Hobbs were able to get them to Raymar and then the Heltz brought them home. It has taken a village today for sure. 

Tonight, Anderson and Graham drove the Sanders early to play basketball. Then Brett took Campbell to Rock Creek, and Reagan took Keaton and Whitman to hang out with Nonna and Pops while everyone else was gone. Reagan then went to watch the Super Bowl where the big boys were. 

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