February 21, 2023

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  • I think that it was Keaton who asked today if it was Monday or Tuesday. It has seemed a little bit like a Monday around here. I did let everyone sleep as long as they could before waking folks up.
  • We started on our school work-I have now figured out that I need to read 6 pages of history to Keaton, Campbell and Whitman each day for us to finish the book the first week of May. I read 7 pages today, but it did take me two different times to read. I am determined to finish that book early.
  • Anderson and Reagan both drove to church today. I hate that they both have to drive, but that is  just how their classes fall. It is really all the same as us having to go and pick up the boys, so I guess it helps Robby and I out. I am afriad that their classes are going to be like this next year as well where people will be coming and going from Comm Central at all different times. 
  • When the boys came home, they must have been famished-Anderson heated up chicken strips while Graham made taquitos. Everyone around here has a big warm lunch so there isn't too much of a need for me to feed them a big, warm supper-or at least that is what I like to think.
  • We went to Defy this afternoon for a little bit, and as soon as we came home everyone started to work on their chores. Keaton gave Bentley a bath while I cleaned the pantry. Then I moved on to organizing the paint in the school room closet. And I don't know how it happened, but I then went through all of my files-Sunday school papers that I have saved to do again or some school papers that the kids have finished and are now too big to do.
  • I did hear Reagan in the kitchen making spaghetti for herself and Graham for supper. Robby and I made taquitos, more tostados and air fryer pizzas for supper tonight. We actually had lots of supper takers.
  • Anderson and Graham had basketball tonight-Anderson drove which was kind of nice since I just laid on the couch watching tv this evening!

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