February 8, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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Let's see Robby and I slept in until 7:30-which felt like 6:30 to us. What is wrong with us? We didn't have any plans but were still up at the crack of dawn on our vacation. We do blame the early wakeage on the windos in this room that we are in-3 windows. Robby said that maybe we should have bought some black out curtains at Walmart this afternoon.

We still weren't in any hurry this morning-he worked, and I played on my phone and read some. Oh, I also did get us breakfast from the kitchen downstairs. A granola bar for me and poptart for him. We did eventually get up and leave for Magic Kingdom

We rode the train around the park most of the way. It was a bit slow due to a parade so we did have to get off and walk to our dining reservation. The train has not been working for close to 4 years due to them building Trom so we were glad to get to do it today.

We ate a Skipper Canteen for lunch. We really wanted to try a few new places on this trip, and we were able to do that today. We had Brazilian cheese bread for an appetizer and a delicious orange slush. Then we had some spicy beef noodles and some type of crispy chicken and rice dish. They were both okay, but not nearly as good as the bread and orange drink-like we would go back just for that orange slush. 

After we ate, we finished our ride on the train and then rode the People Mover before going back to the car. Then we stopped at Walmart to buy a few things for the week-we were at a loss of what to but. We did buy some water since water in Florida is not great. Some diet cokes obviously. We also bought some cookies, turkey, cheese, mustard and tortillas. Shopping for 8 people is hard to get out of your head-we pruchased enough tortillas that we will bringing some home in our suitcases!

Then it was naptime for me and work time for Robby. Around 7, we made it back to Epcot and walked around the world. We did pick up our passholder magnets before finding a snack at the American pavilion-a kids hamburger and a delicious brownie dessert.

Right before the park closed, we did jump in the Rataouille line. It said that it was 45 minutes, but we were already walking back to the car at 9:30. So that was pretty much our day.

The kids faired well at home today despite the rain. I think that people did school this morning even though folks didn't get up too early. Nonna came and took Whitman to Dave and Busters which was a part of his Christmas present. He was able to do a virtual reality thing and earn a cup which all thrilled him. 

Reagan went to work, but also had to leave early to get everyone to church early for Graham's D group tonight. On their way home from church, they went to ChickFilA to pick up tonight's supper. When I called to chat with Graham tonight, he wasn't too chatty-kind of like "why'd you call, we are fine." Tonight I received pictures of everyone before having to ask-in the background it looks like most of the house is still there as well so all is good.

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