February 26, 2023

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  • I sat my alarms for 30 and 15 minutes before we were to leave this morning. Thankfully, I woke right up when I heard Robby's alarm going off at the appropriate time. I usually never hear his alarm at all either.
  • I woke up, did my walk through trying to wake people up, and then took my shower. Robby had the next walk through and was able to get everyone out of their beds. Though I later heard that Reagan did go back to bed for a little bit longer, so I had Keaton check and by this time she was already ready.
  • I left early with Graham, Campbell and Keaton. She heard worship care with her Sunday school teacher so she needed to be there a few minutes early. After getting my Sunday school room ready we found our seats for church, and Robby and the others joined soon after.
  • We did church and then Sunday school, and afterwards we all stayed until 2:30. The children had an event this afternoon-pizza, games, scavenger hunt, more games and making snow. Reagan and Graham helped the big kids, Anderson helped with Robby and I with the 2nd and 3rd graders while Campbell helped with the first graders. It was alot..
  • It was actually so much that when we all made it home, Robby and I had ourselves good Sunday afternoon naps. We always have good Sunday afternoon naps, but we don't usually sleep until after 6:30! 
  • The big boys and Cambpel headed to Rock Creek while the rest of us eventually headed to the Wilson's house for tonight's supper.
  • Shannon had a whole breakfast buffet for tonight's supper. We ate and visited for a long while. When we did finally come home, it was time to start the week-or maybe watch some tv first.

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