February 9, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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Another good day here at Disney. Our first activity this morning was going to the two different Disney outlets in this town. There are both a little bit away-one we have gone to quite often and found 2 more sets of ears for their girls' room. 

The second outlet was at a much, much larger mall-we even lost the car briefly. There we did find a bag for Keaton and some pretzel bites. We had already eaten our turkey roll ups on the way to the outlets but needed another snack.

After doing our shopping, we headed on to Epcot where we had to wait for about 10 minutes before riding the Guardians ride. If you remember this is the ride that I don't really like at all-actually, I don't prefer many roller coasters much anymore. 

When we lined up, the lady put us in the very front row. There was a boy next to us in the second row who asked if we wanted the wind on our face. We quickly offered to change with him if he wanted to sit on the first row-he did and I was a bit relieved. Though I did like sitting near the front so I could see the track and see what was coming up.

Next up, we went to the paint by number place at Epcot. During the Festival of the Arts they have this massive paint by number board so we were able to each paint 6 squares on it. Then on to Nemo to do it quickly before leaving.

Back at the house, Robby did some work while I read and napped. Then tonight we headed to Hollywood for supper. We had some time before checking in so we rode Toy Story. It took a bit longer than we had planned so when we finished, Robby checked into the restaurant, and immediately they shot a text back saying our table was ready.

That would have been great except we were about 4 minutes away-and when I saw 4 minutes, I'm talking for speed walking minutes. We made it-50s Prime Time Cafe. It was a fun little restaurant. We split the meatloaf which was really good. However, we also ordered the deviled eggs. They were also good....but they gave us 4 deviled eggs (2 whole eggs) and charged 11 dollars for them! Ha! I guess you only live once!

After we ate, we thought about riding one more ride, but there was some crazy lightening happening so we pulled up the weather radar. It didn't look good so we hightailed it back to the car. It was really just a sprinkle on our walk to the car, but by the time we were ready to pull out it was a down pour. 

There was more rain on us then than we had during the hurricane here in November. It was crazy, but we made it to the house just fine and are about to have some ice cream for dessert.

I haven't really talked much to the kids today. Graham and Reagan had classes, and Grannymom picked up Graham from school. And tonight supper was the Wilson's for the kids-they had lots of yummy desserts. Reagan had her Bible study so she missed out on the supper, but the others enjoyed it. 

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