February 20, 2023

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  • Mondays are hard, but everyone managed around here. Graham didn't feel that great this morning. I am sure that he is just completely exhausted from this weekend. Out of all of the kids, he is the one who gets the most tired.
  • We did quite a bit of our school work today. I wasn't able to work on science, but I did make a plan on history so we can hopefully finish is before the summer time. I sure don't want to be reading about Catherine the Great and Ferdinand Drake during the middle of the summer.
  • Reagan finished her psychology book so that is one less thing for her to do his spring. Now I will see Anderson wants to do that next year or if he wants to do another elective. He suggested "esports" which is gaming, but I think that he does plenty of that so no need to add that to school.
  • This afternoon I had my doctor's appointment. It was basically just for more blood pressure meds. That all went well, then I was home long enough to organize one little cabinet in the kitchen before Robby and I left.
  • We both had eye doctor appointments. I do believe the eye doctor is one of my least favorite appointments to go do. He is fine, but I don't like people touching my eye balls. Robby had to have his eyes dialated which took forever. 
  • On the way home, I did run into Kroger to buy some tostados so once we were home, we started on that. Soon we were all gathered around the table eating supper.
  • When we finished, quite a few folks had showers while Keaton made a recipe for me. I am leading the cooking track so I am working on trying to find some recipes to make. Tonight Keaton tried out "bread in a bag." It is still in the oven, so I am not sure how it will work, but it is one that I really would like to do.
  • While letting the bread rise, we played a quick game. Everyone played except for Reagan. Anderson was the big winner tonight, but he didn't think about taking the champion trophy so it remains on the mantle.
  • The plan is to eat some bread in a bit and then maybe watch a show or two before I start reading my book for the evening.

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