February 10, 2023-Disney for Tara and Robby!

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The only plan for today was a last minute addition to our meals-Robby added Sanaa at Animal Kingdom for our lunch. We didn't leave the house until it was lunchtime today and drove right to Animal Kingdom Lodge for our meal.

The Hobbs ate there this November and brought us back their bread service. It was delicious and the main reason that we went back. For the bread service, you receive about 6 pieces of Naan or Pita like bread along with 9 different sauces for the bread. Of course that was a lot of fun, and it really filled us up. Honestrly, we probably could have left then and been happy. 

But we ordered food too! Robby and I split a meal-it came with basmati rice, chickpeas in a tomato sauce (delicious), butter chicken (very good), and a pot roast type of meat (I'm not a hunk of meat person, but Robby liked it.) We were already full, but this just topped us off. We weren't even able to finish it.

After eating, we certainly needed to walk around a bit so we explored both lodges at the Animal Kingom Lodge. Then we headed back to the house for a little bit. After a nap for me and work for Robby, we decided to go to an antique mall in Lakeland, Florida.

So we have read that this antique mall has lots of Disney collectibles-and it does. It also has a lot of junk. It was an interesting stop and I was glad to be able to mark it off of my list; however, we left feeling dirty. We also left with a desire to get rid of everything in our house.

This was about an hour away, so when we made it back to the house, we put on pants and headed out. Tonight we stopped at the Polynesian for some Dole Whip. That was certainly nice since after we received our ice cream, we walked to the boat and were able to see the fireworks along wtih the electrical light parade.

Then it was on to Magic Kingdom for a few little bit. We found a new stop there-in the candy store you can buy popcorn (butter, caramel, or cheddar), and have them put choolate on it (milk, dark or white) and then add 2 toppings (snicker, m and ms, oreo....). It was a lot of popcorn which we did not even finish-we have needed the kids here with us today to help us finish things for sure.

We then rode Buzz where I almost scored the perfect score. After that we ate our popcorn before riding the Little Mermaid ride and going back to our car on the monorail. We are still stuffed from lunch so we won't be eating any of the cookies or ice cream that we bought at the store the other day. (We over bought a bit!)

The kids all had a busy day as well-Nonna and Pops came over this morning and cooked breakfast for everyone. Then Grannymom and Grandpa came over this afternoon and took them to Defy. Graham drove half of the way home. He reported that he did a good job, and Keaton concurred. Reagan had work this afternoon, and Keaton and Campbell made tostados for supper tonight. 

Tomorrow is the ACT for Reagan and Anderson so pray they make decent scores-and that they get up on time!

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