February 15, 2023

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  • I stayed in bed until the very last possibly moment this morning. My rationalization was that I was trying to let the kids sleep as long as possibly; however, I really just didn't want to get up a do the adult things.
  • Surprisingly though, the adult things for today weren't that bad. I was able to mark off most of my day's list plus a few extra things. And school went fairly well-things did take forever today so I was working until almost 1 and didn't even do my second history reading that I like to do this afternoon.
  • Reagan headed to work this afternoon with the rest of us heading to Defy a bit later. Well, the big boys did stay home. Anderson twisted his ankle at basketball practice last night so it was even a bit swollen today, and Graham didn't want to go without Anderson.
  • When we came home from Defy, I jumped in the shower and just had a few minutes before it was time to turn around for church again tonight. Church is hard on Wednesday nights-the kids are tried, the adults are tired, and there is a lot of setting. So it is kind of like playing Whack A Mole but with kids. 
  • After church, I threw some fish sticks in the air fryer for those of us who hadn't eaten. Anderson made mashed potatoes, and we had ourselves a pretty good meal even though it was nearly 9 by the time that we had finished.
  • Now we have about an hour before it is bedtime for the kids. Keaton wanted to play a game, but that will have to be done tomorrow because I am not too sure that I can keep my eyes open that long.

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