February 1, 2023

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  • Another "ice day" here, so it was also another day that everyone slept in for a little bit longer than usual. Anderson kind of has a cold and slept a bit longer than the others. We did a bit less reading today-mainly because I just wanted to concentrate on the few things that I really want to finish.
  • Then the kids started on their school work. It was all fairly uneventful-and really, I am not too sure that folks finished a lot of things today. They still have tomorrow to finish up and even Friday so hopefully they will take advantage of that.
  • Though since I pretty much sit with Whitman to keep him on track and motiviated, he is moving along nicely with his school work for the week. Though when he got to the end of his work today, he had to do some coding. We usually do it together, but today it was over my head-he offered for us to just skip it, and I certainly agreed. I probably need to have Anderson figure it out with him.
  • There was no grand baking happening today. Though Keaton did make her chocolate chip cookies today. 
  • This afternoon I walked on the treadmill, and afterwards we played a game. Most of us played 20 Questions-it didn't go as well as yesterday's game. Some time people are happy, and some time they are grumpy-I guess that is life. We survived though and no one was injured during our game. 
  • Around supper time Robby heated up some pizzas for us. He made 4-all the same-and oddly enough everyone grabbed from different pizzas. Kind of strange that we didn't finish one off before starting another one.
  • The Wilson's came over as Keaton was working on her cookies. We all enjoyed a cookie along with a cinnamon roll while we watched a new to us tv show. When they left, we started our picking up for the evening and soon sent the peeps to bed.

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