April 14, 2023

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  • You know Thursdays are usually my favorite days, but I think that I forgot how much I enjoy Thursdays so I really didn't enjoy it like I should have so I made sure to enjoy today. 
  • Of course for me to properly enjoy today, I knew that I needed to mark things off of my to do list fairly quickly. That meant I was up and going earlier than usual. This was fine though because by 11 I had finished my chores, walked Bentley and walked on the treadmlll. Imagine what all I could do in a day if we usually woke up at a decent time. 
  • At 11, I then worked with Whitman and finished one of the books I have been reading to Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.
  • Then we started on what I had been looking forward to doing today: I am in charge of the cooking track at Camp Geyer (VBS) so today we made the recipes that I am planning on making during the first and third days: homemade poptarts and no bake cinnamon rolls. 
  • Campbell and Keaton helped me, of course. Neither one of them or even Whitman liked the poptarts. Well, Whitman took one teeny bite and said he didn't. Campbell never tried them at all. Keaton did eat the one that she put cinnamon in and the one that she put cheese in. She did not even try the one with jelly-which is what we are going to do at Camp Geyer. 
  • The cinnamon rolls were fine-just a quick activity to do while the poptarts bake. They are nothing that anyone would want to duplicate at home probably-but at least the kids ate them. Well, actually Campbell had lost interest by then, so Anderson took her place. 
  • Anyway, by making those things today, I was able to make my supply list, write out the recipes and have at least 2 days of Camp Geyer ready to go-at least in my head. 
  • Then I took Anderson and Graham to get their hair cut. I always want them to get a bit more cut off than they actually do, but they were pleased. Then we met Robby and the others at Defy while Reagan was at work.
  •  Afterwards, we picked Anderson up his Subway sandwich-Robby is able to get one sandwich a day for 50 percent off. So you better believe we have a spread sheet on how many sandwiches each person has had. Also there was a Friday Sonic run on the way home.
  • Once Reagan came in from work, Robby and I left to go to Costco. We walked up and down most of the aisles and filled our cart: mostly with 3 cases of water, but also allergy meds, vitamins, a taco meal kit which was our supper, chicken sandwiches, and a super cheap blanket. On the way out we picked up a pizza which was supper for the ones that hadn't yet eaten.
  • Now, Robby is doing some work and then we shall start our tv show for the evening. Oh, we also have a brownie pie to eat for snack tonight which Campbell made while we were doing our VBS baking earlier in the day.

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