April 25, 2023

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  • Since it was super dark and dreary this morning, it was pretty hard to wake up the kids. Actually, I thought that eveyone was up and started on our school. Usually, I do double check to make sure that Anderson is awake when we are finished with our morning work together.
  • However, today I didn't even think about it-until I heard Graham yelling, "Anderson, get up, we leave in 2 minutes." Thankfully, Anderson doesn't wake up in bad moods and was out the door in about 5 minutes. 
  • Anderson just has one more class on Tuesday while Graham still has 3 more classes. Reagan has about the same number as Graham along with her final for her math. So things are definitly wrapping up around here. We even finished one more of our read aloud books today-I just have one more that I am reading, and we should finish it this week or even next week. 
  • Though Whitman did tell me when we were working together today that we needed more books. Campbell was quick to remind him that school was almost over. He just loves books-listening to them and reading them. Though he never does just pick up a book when he is not checking it off for school.
  • Soon the three schooling here were finished, and Anderson and Graham were rolling in to the house. I took Bentley on a walk and even ended up on the treadmill for a few minutes before we went to Defy for a bit of jumping for the kids and reading for me.
  • I helped Reagan with a little bit of her homework, and then Robby and I ate supper-pizza for him and bbq and baked beans for me. Then we headed off to the store to pick up a few things-I had told Robby that I wanted to find some good deals-we did find some chicken on a good sale plus we found 2 boxes of oatmeal for Reagan, but I still wasn't satisfied with our sales. I wanted to find soemthing really fun.
  • We did splurge and buy some Blue Bell tonight. Keaton in the kitchen busy making orea balls, but I will be feasting on Blue Bell. You have to eat it the night you open it and eat a good bit, if you want to get ot have any around here.

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