April 29, 2023

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  • I started hearing text come in this morning very early, but I decided that I would lay still for a few more minutes just in case all of those text were saying that soccer was on. When I did look at my phone I was happy to see that the games were cancelled so we could sleep a bit more, but also sad for the kids since they want to play plus sad for Anderson because he wants to make some money.
  • I guess we will get our fill of soccer this next week-scheduled mid week games on Monday and Tuesday, make up game on Thursday and Sunday, and the regular scheduled game on Saturday. It should be a fun and busy week. 
  • Robby handed me a sausage biscuit (well, it was a roll with a sausage patty in it) way before I did get out of the bed this morning. Then we shortly moved into the living room and started watching our tv show. So far we have watched about 5 today-maybe more since things are starting to run together.
  • I did stop briefly watching the show to take Reagan to get her third ear piercing. She has been asking for a long while so I took her to Merle Norman. I thought things were going well, until one ear had to be repierced since when she used the gun to pierce her ear, the whole thing got stuck to her ear. Reagan was cool during all of this and wasn't bothered by it.
  • When we did get in the car, Reagan was quick to mention that she thought the piercings were pretty lopsided. Unfortunately, they are-one is way back. So the plan is to go back Monday morning for them to fix the one that is messed up. Surely, they will fix it without a problem. I am so very thankful that Reagan is so easy going.
  • When we returned from there, Robby, Campbell, Anderson and I went to Costco-our main goal was to get gas for two of the cars. We walked around for a bit, and I did find a pair of shorts which I haven't yet tried on. On the way home, we had 2 free pizzas that Anderson and I went to pick up. 
  • Oh, I did forget to mention that between earrings and Costco I did take Keaton to a sleepover birthday party for her friend. She was pretty excited about it-she had already made the gift a month ago.
  • We all ate supper-pizzas for most but I did have a salad. Reagan and Whitman both had leftover Subway sandwiches to eat. 
  • Robby has to leave in a little bit to run down the road for a bit, and Whitman is going to finish watching his movie that he started earlier-I might read some or maybe I will work on that horrible school room for a little bit. Then more tv watching around here.
  • We are on our 8th season of a tv show-I really liked it at the first, but now I think that we are needing a break from the tv or maybe we are needing a new show to watch.

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