April 27, 2023

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  • Robby woke me up this morning at the time that I would like to have started school. He assumed that since I wasn't working together with the little 3, that we were starting later. I had indeeed set my alarm, but I wasn't really paying any attention to the time that I set.
  • There are now only 4 days of school left-the little 3 (I know, they aren't that little anymore) have their summer school all lined up, but I am still waiting on the books that I need for the big 3. And I am super fighting the urge to start getting school ready for the fall.
  • Everyone did their school work today. Whitman has a new math right now that seems to take forever-adding three fractions with different denominators. He can do it, but he seems to just enjoy staring off into space more than actually doing the problems. 
  • This still makes me crazy, but that boy has breezed through his spelling book this semester. Now, to be fair, he has done this book before, but he is getting it now. Plus his handwriting has improved so much lately-there is still much  more work to be done though.
  • Graham had his class today while Reagan had hers. I walked on the treadmill, and even played one of Whitman's birthday games, Then I went to the pregnancy center for a little bit.
  • I left there early so I could go home and pick up the kids and take them to soccer practice. It looked rainy, and I wasn't sure if practice was going to happen, but we went that way anyway.
  • On our way, it rained and poured. Then it cleared up, and I told the kids I would take them, but I would just be in my car reading. We were almost there when we finally did get the message that practice was indeed cancelled. 
  • So we turned around and headed home. That little excursion was only 40 minutes, and since I had just come from way down Benton which took about 25 minutes it seemed like a lot of driving. But without practice, we had our evening back.
  • Robby made waffles for our supper. When we finished, Reagan headed to her Dgroup, and the rest of us cleaned up the kitchen. We now on the couch for the evening-possibly going to watch some tv so  we can finish up the series we have been bingeing. 

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