April 28, 2023

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  • I did mark everything off of my list today-though please don't be impressed because other than the normal things, the only extra on my list today was to clean the potty in our bathroom. 
  • After doing my normal chores, I did wake up Graham. Surprisingly before I woke up Graham, Reagan had already been downstairs. That was kind of odd since we usually don't see her too early in the mornings.
  • I walked Bentley and soon started working on registering Reagan and Anderson for their concurrent classes. It took me way longer than I had expected to finish that task, but I was super relieved when I did finish it.
  • Graham drove Campbell, Keaton, and me to Nonna's house. We needed to pick up a jar from her. While we were there she offered lunch, so the kids took her up on that. Graham did excellent driving-I don't think that I grabbed the handle once or waved my hands. (I tend to try not to say anything unless necessary, but sometimes trying to keep my mouth closed causes me to fling my hands around.)
  • I did get the big boys school out today for next week. I did everyone else's yesterday, but maybe I was a bit more tired today because they both have super easy weeks next week (the last week of school). 
  • We went to Defy this afternoon for a little bit while Reagan was at work. Graham opted to stay home despite knowing that Friday was Sonic day. While we were there, I was able to finish my book (it was an odd one). 
  • On the way home, we picked up a Subway-there are only a few more days left of Subway sandwiches until the month is over. The kids have certainly enjoyed the sandwiches and will miss them.
  • When we came home, we started on supper for the rest of us. We heated up some taco meat and had tacos. Reagan, who doesn't like Mexican, enjoyed the meal. While Anderson wasn't a fan and opted for leftover pizza. 
  • The Hogs are on tv playing baseball while the kids are rotating through the showers. I'm not too sure if we will go to bed early because of soccer tomorrow or stay up late and count on the rain to come.

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