April 12, 2023

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  • In case you remembered me dreaming the other night and my hopes that I would not dream last night even though I had eaten quite a bit of deliciousness before bed-I did not dream any last night or at least not that I know of.
  • Robby had already woken up and left the bed at least once to do some work this morning when I woke up. I eventually did get up and start the day with my people. It definitely took the longest to wake Anderson up this morning. Then the whole time I was reading to the girls and Whitman, I was wondering if he was up-surprisingly, he was.
  • We did our school work and everyone finished their school work early-even Whitman-by 11. That never happens. Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman even decided that they wanted to do their second reading right then before lucnh.
  • After reading to them, I walked Bentley for a mile. Later in the day, I really didn't want to walk on the treadmill so I decided that I would walk outside for my 3 miles. Bentley did fine with me the fist mile and a half.
  • I then started to worry about her paws on the hot ground plus she was super panting so I dropped her off at the house and continued my walk. I will say that I did enjoy walking outside today, but 3 miles outside seemed like a lot more than walking on the treadmill does.
  • We did make it to Defy today. We went at 1 so it was pretty empty. I was able to read quite a bit while we were there. Once at home, I had that walk with Bentley and soon it was time to go to church.
  • Reagan was at work so she went straight to the church house from there while the rest of the big kids had to be there at 5 for a soccer meeting. Keaton went in and hung out with her buddies while Whitman and I sat in the car for a little bit before church started.
  • During church I was reminded how old I really am. Some of the children make me want to lose my religion for sure. Last night Robby mentioned that God must give us the children that we need-and I would have to agree.  

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