April 21, 2023-City Camping

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The electricity went off at home some point during the night. This cause Reagan to get up and take a shower around 5:30 this morning. Now, she could have just been going to bed at that time, but surely not. I later asked, and Keaton said that Reagan didn't feel good so she had a shower. Later in the day, Reagan said that she felt fine then. 

After Reagan's shower, I do think that the girls all went back to sleep, and soon after the power came back on. We hae actually heard very little from the kids today. Reagan did go to work all afternoon, and then went with Alyssa to keep kids at another church.

I have heard from Keaton as well today. I asked her about packing her soccer bag for tomorrow, and she said that she would after she finished drinking her coke. I am not sure what all has happened at our house! I guess the kids are having a big time.

Now, I will talk to everyone later because I have to double check that they have properly set their alarms and are ready to leave for soccer in the morning. We are meeting them there, but Anderson has to leave the house before 7 which is early for us homeschoolers.

Robby and I have spent the day doing pretty much nothing. We have take 3 different walks for 2 miles each so that has certainly helped my mileage chart. I am trying to walk 40 miles each month but haven't made it a single month this year. These walks this weekend will put me over the top for this month and help erase some of my mileage debt from other months.

I did finish a book today, and we watched three of our tv shows so really we didn't do a whole lot. Tonight was my Subway night so I had that while Robby ate his leftover Subway.

We did go and visit with some of the Rock Creekers who are camping for a little bit. We stayed until it was just a tad bit chilly, and then came home to snuggle up under the covers.

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