April 10, 2023

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  • This Monday went well. I didn't get up when I wanted to, but when I did go to wake up the kids Whitman and Campbell were already awake. It didn't take them long to come downstairs for us to get started, but I had to wake Keaton up again and later in the morning had to wake Anderson up again.
  • Whitman zoomed through most of his school work. He will be thrilled to see that his math is easier tommorrow than it was today-I taught him something before the book so tomorrow the book will teach slowly what I have already taught him.
  • We have been working on fractions-getting common denominators. Some times he doesn't want to do it my way and just tells me the answer. I ask how he did it, and he will say something like "if it is odd, then you take half and multiply it by that number..." I then just have to ask him to do it my way.
  • Also we haven't talked about improper fractions. The answer that he got on one of his math problems was 31/30 which is correct in the book. He looked at me and said "that's not right." He then continued with the right answer- 1 and 1/30. He hasn't learned that so sometimes I just don't know what to do with that boy.
  • School went by fairly quickly, and soon I was out walking Bentley. Then it was time to do our second set of reading for the day. I am trying deperately to finish 4 different books with Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman. (Plus one more with Campbell and 2 more others with Whitman). Hopefully we can finish them all before summer break.
  • This afternoon while Reagan was at work, we all went to Defy. The boys told me last week that they were going to go 3 times this week-I know they will love me keeping them to their word. While we were there, Robby worked and I read/fell asleep.
  • We picked up Subway for Whitman on the way home-it was his turn. The rest of us ate things from the fridge. Then Robby spent a good deal of time organizing the now empty fridge. 
  • The kids played outside for a good while this evening. I think that they played basketball, but we did keep hearing the scooter go up and down on the sidewalk. Right now, we have shooed the little 3 off to take their showers-they deperately needed them.

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