April 8, 2023

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  • Robby and I had big plans to sleep in late thi smorning. However, Bentley heard the folks working next door at 7:10 and let us know that we were in danger. It took us a while to settle her down again so we could sleep for a little bit more.
  • We were up for a very long time until any of the kids came downstairs. I did eventually text everyone to tell them that we would be dying Easter eggs at 1. Everyone was awake by then, and they all showed up to dye their Easter eggs.
  • It doesn't take long to dye 4 Easter eggs each, When I was little sometimes I would beg until Nonna would prepare 2 dozen eggs for me to dye. If I did that for my kids, we would have 144 eggs to eat-I think that is a bit much. And as expensive as eggs have been lately, we could probably buy a car with what 144 eggs cost.
  • Soon after our egg dying, Reagan had to leave for church. Today was an all day thing for her with Kingdom shows at 3 and 7. She had her backpack with her-I think she had school in it, but she probably should have filled it with food instead.
  • Around supper, we ran a few errands. We first went to Sams to order a cake for Whitman's birthday party. Then to Taco Bell so Campbell could spend her gift card. Then on to On the Border so Robby could use his gift card, and finally we picked up Subway for Anderson to use our coupon.
  • We have now all eaten, and the kids are starting to take their showers. I am settled on the couch with my book, water, computer and we are currently watching a tv show. (I still have to clean my kitchen and empty the dishwasher so I really can't get too comfortable on this couch.)

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