April 3, 2023-The Masters Take Two

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Robby and I slept fine last night in our separate beds. I did dream a lot and think that I slept all over the bed. I am not sure if I move around that much at home or not-probably not, or Robby would tell me about it.

We ate breakfast around 8:30-and gracious, how the Holiday Inn Express has fallen. Their cinnamon rolls used to be the highlight of the hotel. And now, it was some prepackaged thing like a cinnamon roll/pop tart. I wish that businesses would talk to real people before they make decisions. I would happily be the "real people" to tell them to keep their cinnamon rolls. But if you know of any businesses needing a consultant, give them my name! 

We then were on the road. There was a gas stop before the Buccees stop. Robby bought himself a boudin kolache and me a blueberry cinnamon roll. Other than that, we didn't really buy anything at Buccees. The people in front of us must have spent 300 dollars on their purchases. I am not sure what all it was, but there was one thing that I almost asked them what it was-I couldn't tell it was a mix to bake with or a candle. 

Then it was back on the road where our next stop was Atlanta. We ate at the Dwarf House which was the first restaurant of Truett Cathey's, the founder of ChickFilA. One half was a regular ChickFIlA while the other half was a sit down diner.

Robby and I split an appetizer-ChickFilA fries with cut up nuggets on top along with a pimento cheese sauce and cilantro lime drizzle. It was good and huge. Then we also split a burger because not many people can say that they have had a burger from ChikFilA. Our sides were fired okra and cornbread muffins. So needless to say, we were stuffed after our meal.

Then it was back on the road with maybe another stop, but I don't really think so. Soon we were at our hotel. Now, we are just at a Comfort Inn about an hour from Augusta. I have never seen more men wearing polo shirts. I think that everyone here is going to the watch some golf. Even the man standing on the street corner and asking for tickets.

Meanwhile, back at home, the kids are doing just fine. I don't think that people really got up until almost noon. I had a few questions about school so I hope that most of it was finished. Also, there were a few chores comments happening on my texts so at least some of those happened as well. I will take what I can get. 

Reagan had work this afternoon. And really I have not really heard from the kids much at all. I will request some pictures later in the evening.

The last thing we did tonight was run and eat Mexican. They had little street tacos that were yummy even though we were pretty full still from lunch. Now, I plan on finishing my book this evening while Robby watches a little bit of basketball.

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