April 22, 2023-City Camping

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Robby is very aware of noises while I am usually not. He hears everything as that camper is drivng down the road. I have climbed all over the camper putting my hands differeing places trying to make the noise stop. He has even pulled over to see if he can stop the rattle himself.

Last night, I was the one just as crazy as him. We had watched two different tv shows which Robby mostly slept through. I then read before I went to sleep. When I woke up to go to the bathroom, I started hearing the sound that I had heard the night before.

I thought then that it was rain, but it didn't really sound like rain. I started moving my hand around feeling for water or trying to see what the noise was. I thought about waking up Robby because there was no way I could now go back to sleep after hearing that noise. 

I sat up trying to hear the sound better and finally discovered that if I put my hands under the mattress there were cords. Apparently, those cords were causing the sounds that I heard. I was able to move the cords around some and finally go back to sleep. 

We slept well last night and then watched some tv when we did wake up. I read for a bit, and then we did something that we never do. We put everything that we need to take out of the camper in the van and then cleaned the camper. That made coming home amazingly simple.

We caught up with the Wilsons for a little bit and took a short walk. Then we had a picnic lunch full of leftovers. When we left the campground, Robby went to get gas, and I hurried home to quickly empty and put away our camping things. 

I worked in the house for a little bit while Robby washed the camper some. I even managed to have a nap for a bit this afternoon. 

When we were laying in bed this morning, we saw that the kids left earlier than I had asked. We decided that maybe they could do things on their own all of the time-except that we did miss them, but I am pretty certain that they missed the dog more than us.

Reagan went with Kennedy to the Arts Center and then back to Kennedy's house today. She even let her friend cut her hair, but I really think that she did a good job. The rest of the kids went to Grannymom's house to eat after lunch.

Campbell went to Rock Creek tonight, Whitman had his Subway sandwich for supper and Anderson and Graham went to their Life group tonight. It was a busy evening for everyone-well, except for Keaton. I bet that she is looking foward to getting to go to Rock Creek next year on Sunday nights.

We had quasadillas for supper tonight with the Wilsons, and then watched a show about 50 places that we need to visit. Right now we are in the middle of having the kids fold laundry upstairs and get ready for bed while Robby is wondering if he can sleep in the camper one more night!

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