April 19, 2023

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  • I still felt a little bit stressed this morning when I woke up. Robby got up when the dog barked for the first time this morning. He then left to make sure that Reagan's car was first in line for them to work on her tire.
  • The tire was done fairly quickly for him, and they were able to patch it. The water patch held, but there hasn't been any more progress with reinstalling the faucet. 
  • At some point during the evening last night, Whitman said that he went to use the neighbor's, who are building, porta potty. I still can't figure out why he used the porta potty since he just had to pee. Reagan also said that he did at one time look at her in a panic and ask, "will my ipad still work if we don't have water?" Reagan said that she thought that Whitman was kidding, but she wasn't too sure.
  • School went fine today-only 9 more days until we call it quits for summer which means that I will soon be able to start cleaning and organizing the school room and closet along with getting school ready for next fall. More importantly, it also  means that I am going to have to start working on what the kids are ging to do during the summer.
  • The whole morning wnet way too quickly, and soon I was heading off with Anderson for him to take the reading portion of his accuplacer test. He needed a certain score today, and I was super stressed about what his score. However, he was only 3 points away from the score he needed. I could have done a happy dance right there. We will try again next week or maybe even the next week.
  • After we left there, we ran to pick up the extra car that was at the tire place and then to get gas. Back at home, I did have time to do some school work with Graham and then walk on the treadmill for a little bit.
  • Thne it was time to load up and go to church. Reagan flew in from work, and we soon were all headed to church. Tonight the kids had pizza so Whitman and Keaton were happy about that. Back at home, folks found their suppers, and we found our spot in front of the tv for a little bit.

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