April 9, 2023-Easter 2023

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  • It is always a scramble to get out of the house on Sunday mornings. I did make sure that everyone was awake this morning. Lately, one more Anderson was not stirring when I called that it was time to go and another time, Reagan did the same.
  • This morning I did lay eyes on all of the children, out of their beds, before it was close to time to go. Campbell and Keaton were up primping early, but Reagan, who does her fair share of primping, likes to wait until her sisters have left the room before she starts which slows her down in the mornings.
  • I also tried to comb all of the boys' hair before we left. I was able to do this, but some of my boys need hair cuts. Maybe they like their long hair, I'm fine with that too-it will certainly save us some money.
  • The kids also had their Easter baskets this morning. When the kids were little I would fill their basket with socks and underwear. However, that soon was costing me well over a hundred dollars so we scaled that back down. They did get an egg filled with money along with some breakfast items.
  • We took the kids pictures before we did leave for church this morning. That did make us leave at the normal time and not the time we had wanted so we could get seats. Thankfully, our row was still there so we didn't have to ask anyone to move (kidding.)
  • After church, we headed home to start on the Easter cooking. I had to make mac and cheese and corn casserole pretty quickly, but that all worked out. Soon Jason, Dana and Cash, Grannymom and Grandpa, and Nonna and Pops all arrived. With all of our food, we had plenty to eat and plenty to trade once we were done.
  • Once our bellies were full, we moved on to hiding Easter eggs. We had asked the kids if they were ready to stop hunting Easter eggs, but we had no takers on that. I did do quite a few less this year. However, everyone still found plenty of eggs filled with candy, and most of the kids found decent amounts of money. Whitman found the least amount of money-1 dollar. 
  • My kids love their traditions so it was then time for an egg toss. I told we could only do it once, but we did end up doing it twice. Especially since I dropped mine on the third toss. Keaton and Campbell won one game and I believe that Anderson and Graham won another game. Whitman and I never had a chance. Reagan did not want to get eggy today.
  • She was the first to leave this afternoon. She had to be at church before 6, and not long after she left, Anderson and Cambpell left for Rock Creek, Graham skipped out tonight because his stomach was upset-I'm sure he was just a bit stuffed. 
  • Robby was productive and walked on the treadmill while I was not and had my nap. I did get up from the couch briefly to empty the dishwasher so I could fill it up again with the next load.
  • Soon the Wilsons came over for our Sunday night supper-tonight's theme was leftovers. We ate and visited until it was time to finally start the the week!

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