April 16, 2023

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  • This was the first day of the new Sunday schedule so they bribed the teachers with breakfast for them and their families to get us there early-it worked. And really, I would love for it to happen every week. They had the best ever granola and the best ever yogurt which made me super happy.
  • And we didn't have to teach our Sunday school class too which made me super happy as well. I do love the kiddos but it is nice to have a short break every once in a while. 
  • After Sunday school, we found the kids and found our new spots in Sander's Hall for church since the sanctuary is under construction. The kids all found us, and we snagged our seats.
  • When church was over we headed home since Nonna and Pops were out of town. Robby and I cooked lunch-though Whitman wasn't pleased with our offerings and made himself a pizza in the air fryer.
  • I made it about as far as the couch after we ate before I fell sound asleep. I was exhuasted-from sitting at church all morning. Or maybe I was still tired from watching yesterday's soccer games-it's a tough life.
  • Before too long we all started leaving-first Whitman, Keaton and I left for their life group. They divided everyone up into groups, and we headed to see a lady from church. It was much fun-I think that the kids enjoyed it, and so did Robby and I. Afterwards, they bought everyone Sonic drinks before meeting back at church.
  • Campbell, Anderson and Graham went to Rock Creek for church tonight, and Reagan left with Alyssa to go to a friend's house. Once we were all done with our places, we all ended up back at the Wilson's house for super. 
  • We came home near 10, and some how ended up watching a tv show before putting all of these people to bed.

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