April 5, 2023-The Masters Take Two

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The longer that we are home, the more interesting things that Robby and I find out about what all happened while we were gone. Reagan ended up sleeping in our room two nights because Bentley slept better there. She also commented that our bed is small and our room is scary. That wasn't too interesting.

More interesting facts include Graham bought Anderson's half of the Subway sandwich for 1.50 plus another dollar so Anderson would play basketball. There were a few knock down fights about picking up and doing chores. Campbell even took Whitman's ipad away a few times, and there was a fit about someone's drink left in the fridge. And all of the kids have discussed Whitman's lack of running skills and inability to do a push up. 

Thankfully though those were the most exciting things that happened while we were gone. When we did get home, I think that most school work had been done-though by Graham's text late last night asking when we were going to get home today, I would assume that most school work was probably finished this afternoon before we arrived.

We all left the hotel room around 9 this morning and zoomed on towards Little Rock. We stopped a few times and only had to battle the rain a little bit. It seemed that we hadn't been traveling for too long when we made it to Memphis.

When we did get home, Robby went to work, and I started unpacking everything. I think that most things are washed and put away and now I have a load of laundry to fold.

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