April 2, 2023-Happy 10th Birthday Whitman!/The Masters Take Two

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  • Today is Whitman's 10th birthday! This conversation happened a few days ago, but it shows his wit. We were in the car discussing the big kids' summer camp. Campbell said that she was going to wear her cow costume. I said, "no, you will die." I was referring to wearing a hooded feeting pajama costume in the middle of the Arkansas summer. 
  • As soon as I had finished saying, "you will die..." Whitman quickly added, "OF EMBARASSMENT!" Now, that is a pretty good comeback. That is why we sometimes call him Witty Whitman. 
  • He is growing up, He enjoys going to Defy half of the time and said on our last camping trip that he liked riding his bike (though we need to get him a larger one.) He is a board game player and will usually always play a game when we play one. And he constantly likes me to remind him that he is my favorite (they are all my favorite though).
  • We woke up early this morning so we could stop by and pick up doughnuts on the way to church. Robby bought plenty for us to eat and plenty for Whitman's Sunday school class. Keaton was thrilled with that since she is also in Whitman's class. His teachers gave him a birthday card and had the class to sing to him.
  • There was more singing at Nonna and Pops' house after we ate lunch. Nonna had a big cake for to celebrate with. We played a round of 20 questions with Keaton and Whitman being the all time readers before we headed home.
  • At home, Robby and I eventually ran to get gas. I even drove thorugh some of the tornado damage (and wow!) on my way to Walmart. I was able to buy things for Easter baskets and a few more things on my list.
  • On my way home, I felt like I had forgotten something. I even looked to make sure that I closed my trunk while driving home. When I was about 4 miles from home, I remembered that I was supposed to stop by Subway to get Keaton a sandwich. That was fine since I wans't too far from one, so I turned around and grabbed her sandwich.
  • Graham, Anderson, and Campbell went to church tonight with Brett while Robby and I headed out of town with the Wilsons on our way to the Masters. We had about a 4 hour drive this evening and so far we have stopped one for the bathroom. 
  • We have had a few snacks: crackers, meat, and cheese, spinach dip, and corn flake cookies....so far!

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