April 20, 2023-City Camping

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I was awake for a good little bit last night, but when I woke up this morning I was surprised to see how early I had woken up. However, Robby was already out of the bed.

Since our water is not fixed out front just yet, Robby's first order of business was covering it all up. Now, in this rain he may not have done any good, but he did lay a tarp down and cover it with a pallet. When Bentley did wake up, she was not happy with that tarp moving in the wind at all. I am not sure that she could have stayed at home all weekend because off and on through out the day she barked at the tarp.

We started school this morning. Robby took Graham, and by the time that Reagan was supposed to leave for her class, she had convinced herself to skip. She says she is already ahead in math-I never skipped a high school class or college class, and she is just as concerned about grades as I am. Good for her skipping!

I took the kids to Defy for a little bit. The boys had not been this week. Of course there was pressure to stop at Sonic on the way home, but I made that clear up front. Graham pushed hard on me letting him drive home from Defy-now, he could have done it-I think. He hasn't driven that far or on that busy of roads, so Robby did tell him that they would go driving anywhere he wanted next week. I can tell you where they will be driving to: Sonic.

Robby left at 3ish to go to Maumelle Park and set up for the weekend. I was pretty close behind him. We were able to walk a little bit before the rain started. We hung out in the camper for a while before going to the Wilson's camper for supper. We had chicken, and they had the other fixings.

We stayed over there as long as we thought we could be away from Bentley. She was fine out in the camper, but she really doesn't like the thunder ta all. When we made it back to the camper-she had found a toy to play with and seemed content-at least she hadn't eaten the couch!

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