April 24, 2023

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  • I spent most of the early morning dreaming about needing to get a set of lanyards for a friend. I went to the bathroom at least twice and continued that silly dream until I finally rolled out of bed to wake the kids up.
  • There is no one that I actually need to get a lanyard for. Though if you do need one, I have probably 20 or 30 lanyards. What I did need to do first this morning though was to wake up the kids.
  • Graham was already awake, but Anderson and Reagan were harder to wake up. Graham had to wake up Whitman after I had already been up there. Thankfully, Keaton and Campbell were down pretty quickly after I did wake them up.
  • We used to work together at 8:30 and read until 9:30 with me not being able to finish all of the things that I wanted to read with them. However, as the school year has progressed we have finished history, science and many other things. We are actually down to about 5 things to do every morning so we finish way before 9:30 now even though we don't start at 8:30 any longer.
  • Any time I had a chance during the morning, I worked on the high schoolers' transcripts, planned the big boys' English for next year, and pulled out our summer school. If I work on those things all week, I will have them done. 
  • I was able to mark a big things off of my list today, thanks to Robby. All of my planning for VBS, Camp Geyer, is officially finished. I will lead the cooking track this year which is kind of comical because the leader last year was a chef, an actual chef, while I barely know my way around the kitchen!
  • Reagan left for work before 1 while Anderson did the Raymar practice tonight. WIthout Anderson, I couldn't get Graham to go with us to Defy, but Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman happily went. We picked up Anderson's Subway on the way home.
  • When Reagan did arrive home, I worked with her on an essay that is due tomorrow-someone didn't really plan ahead there. Then we pulled out tons of leftovers for supper tonight. Once the kitchen was cleaned, we headed to the living room where I am currently trying to finish my book.

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