April 22, 2023-City Camping

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Let's see where did I leave off yesterday? Robby and I didn't stay up too late since we knew we would need to leave early this morning. By the time that our alarms rang this morning, Robby had already talked to the first car load of people headed to Raymar. 

Anderson had to be there at 7:15, and Campbell and Keaton wanted to go and help as well. It didn't take us long at all to get ready this morning. Robby and I were ready to leave about 20 minutes before we planned. I guess it doesn't take as long to get ready in a camper-or there are less dishes to unload from the dishwasher (none ) and less laundry to fold (none) before you leave.

When we had almost made it to Raymar I text the second car load heading to Raymar. They were also awake and getting ready. This was Reagan, Graham, and Whitman.

I will briefly recap the day: Campbell spent 3 hours in the concession stand first and then reffed a soccer game on a small field. Then she played her soccer game. And man, can that girl throw and kick the ball. When she throws the ball in, sometimes is goes out the other side of the field. Her team won 4-2 today which was great since her team didn't win last weeks game.

Graham and Reagan both reffed three games today. This is a lot of running up and down the field. I think that they both kind of enjoy it. Actually, all of the kids enjoy being out at Raymar. They would probably go back tomorrow and do the same thing.

Anderson did ref one game. If there are enough refs then he doesn't really have to ref as many games. He did even stop to watch his brother and sisters' games. I do think that Anderson really enjoys driving the gator around-I know that Keaton enjoyed driving with him after the games when they were picking up the fields.

Keaton played her game pretty early this morning. They won 3-0 I think. Keaton did score the very first gaol. She can hustle and can almost throw and kick that ball like her sister. Campbell's team doesn't have many extra people so Keaton and 2 of her friends were moved up today so they could help. She didn't seem to think a thing about playing with the kids a bit bigger than her. After the game, she had a birthday party to go to for a friend. It was a swimming party so I am sure that she loved that. I actually haven't heard about the party since on her way home she changed plans and ended up spending the night with a friend. Her sweet sisters took her her clothes so she could be ready for church tomorrow.

And Whitman. It is surprising, but he loves Raymar just as much as the rest of the kids. He is always off doing something or just sitting in the concession stand hanging out. He had to wait until 1 for his game, but put his uniform on way early. Then he asked repeatedly if it was time to put on his cleats. Finally, I just gave in and put them on for him. When it was time for his game, I started looking for him but he was already on his bench waiting. He played goalee (and never had to touch the ball) and played back 2 different periods. His team one in a penalty kick right after the whistle blew-Whitman and the rest of the kids on the bench just started screaming and jumping up and down.

After the games, we took Keaton to her party wtih a stop by Sonic first. Anderson drove home with a stop by Subway first and Reagan also drove home with a stop to drop off a friend first. Robby and I stopped by the house on our way back out to the campsite since it was on the way. I was able to unload to soccer things and put them away.

Then we headed back to the campsite. There we walked Bentley for 2 miles and then sat and visited with the Wilsons. The group meal tonight was burgers. I contributed baked beans-and there were lots of comments about how good they were. I did give up my recipe (Sams) though I probably should have kept it a secret.

We stayed out for a while, but eventually headed back to the camper. We were pretty beat after the soccer games. Robby has just had his shower, and I will probably take mine in a few minutes after we watch a tv show or two.

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