April 4, 2023-The Masters Take Two

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Robby and I had to wake up at 6 this morning, but instead we woke up at 5 to go to the bathroom. He went right back to sleep, and I did not. I do believe that I eventually did the last few minutes before our alarms starting to ring.

We had about 45 minutes to drive this morning to get into Augusta. Once there, we parked and headed into the Masters. I did a bit of research-Magic Kingdom has about 60 thousand guests a day while today some people estimated there were 50 thousand folks with us watching golf.

It was all completely well ran and other than having to walk in the crowds, you often wouldn't know that there were that many people. Now, the men's bathroom line was always funny to Shannon and me. They had to have an "end of the line" sign and usually had to wait about 5 minutes while Shannon and I just walked in the bathrooms and then walked right back out without having to wait in line at all.

The weather was supposed to get up to 80 today, and it probably did the last little bit that we were there. I was completely comfortable the whole day long in my pants, shirt, and lightweight jacker. It was overcast all day long so we never really did get warm.

We walked around the course, saw the sights and some players including Tiger, Bubba, Phil, Adam Scott, and even some old guys like Fred Couples. The most fun was seeing them skip the ball over the water onto the green. We sat there for a good while watching that.

Actually, I take that back-the most fun thing was the concessions. Now, I had joked about trying all of the food, but of course we were unable to do that. Here is a run down of what all Robby and I did have today: for breakfast he had a breakfast sandwich (croissant, egg, bacon, sausage and cheese) and I had a chicken biscuit. For snack we had an ice cream sandwich (peach ice cream and sugar cookies). And now for lunch, I had a chicken salad sandwich (fine, but not great at all), and Robby had a bbq sandwich along with a bag of bbq chips and another ice cream sandwich along with a praline. (We did not try the egg salad sandwich, club, pimento cheese, and probably a few other sandwich things)

Now gift shop experience-I believe that I said it last year, but it was Disney-ish. Long lines, but moving quickly, lots of workers and lots of cashiers. Robby and I were in and out in less than 15 minutes. Now, we barely looked around at all-there were lots of things to ses, but you had to fight the crowd all of the time. Robby just worked his way up the tshirt counter (imagine a counter 40 feet long with 20 workers taking orders) and got his shirts, and then we found our way to the check out stand (at least 50 check out stations).

Around 3 or 4 we headed back to the car. There we had to wait a good while for the parking lot to clear out so we could move at all, but soon we were on the road to our hotel. On the way we did see one gentleman from the Masters (he had on a shirt) walking in a straight line for a police man that had pulled him over. We had joked all day long about all of the cups that the people were carrying around with them. By the end of the day, Robby and I were carrying 4 aroung with us-none of them beer cups though. Some of these guys were carring a whole place setting of cups with them.

While we were in the Masters, we weren't able to have our phones, so I don't really know what all happened this morning at home. Reagan, Anderson and Graham all went to school. The big boys picked up Subway on the way home. Reagan and Keaton took Whitman to soccer pracitce tonight. Now, they are all home awaiting the severe weather coming later tonight. 

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