April 18, 2023

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  • I will quickly review the morning because I would like to have plenty of energy to discuss the exciting events of the day. Comm Central for Reagan, Anderson, and Graham. They only have 2 more Tuesdays to go to Comm Central, and I know that some of them are super excited about that.
  • The rest of us did our school work here at the house. The afternoon included some volleyball for most everyone. The boys went to Grannymom's house to work a little bit while this evening Reagan headed to Raymar to work.
  • Robby and I took Whitman and Keaton to Defy. They jumped, and we picked up Reagan's Subway on the way home. After supper, Robby cleaned his grills (he cooked chicken and a pork but today). While he was cleaning the grill the kids were happily playing wtih water guns and the water hoses.
  • I went inside to start packing for this weekend, when Anderson came in and mentioned that something was broken and Dad was turning off the water. I didn't give that too much thought until I saw Robby running with some long tool. 
  • I hurried on outside-the kids were a bit panicked. Some how Graham fell into the box and broke the pipe. This caused the water to continuously run filling the box where the hose connect and flooding the yard. Robby was thankfully able to turn the water off at the street.
  • This solved the immediate problem, but this also left us with no water to the house. Thankfully, a neighbor is a plumber so we sent a few text to him. They came down and went to work.
  • This took a little bit-a trip to the store to pick up parts and lots of digging. They had to dig almost 2 feet down to get to the pipes that the needed to get to. While this was happening, my phone rang.
  • It was Reagan-I never like for her to call me when she is supposed to be driving. I was so distracted with the water issue that I didn't think about that though, until she started talking, "I think I have a flat."
  • I did let out a sigh of relief at that. A flat we can handle. She also said that she was parked safely at the church at the end of Crystal Valley. I told her to stay put and called Pops to pick her up since he was closer. 
  • He brought her home while we figured out our next steps. Robby was still in the middle of the pipe repair so he called AAA and I headed back to Pops' house. I had time to get a cookie before the tow truck man called.
  • We met him, and he quickly took the flat tire off. Then, he tried to get the spare-however, he couldn't find the tool needed to get the spare off. Of course I don't know where it would be. The man was good and did look everywhere in the car for it, but we then had to move to plan b.
  • He tried to put air in the tire, but that didn't work. It looked like Reagan had run over a nail/screw/whatever and then it came out. So the next option was to tow it to the tire place. (We have gotten our money's worth of AAA this year.)
  • When the car left, Pops took me back to our house. I apologized for having him drive me all over creation today, but he said that they were enjoying it for sure. 
  • I made it home a bit before 10 just a few minutes after the pipe had been fixed temporarily. They had a few mishaps-broke one extra thing, but fixed that. Hopefully the new outside spigot will be fixed tomorrow. 
  • Overall, it was a fairly stressful evening; however, the tire should be an easy fix and if the spigot is fixed soon all will be well. The kids all had showers this evening since most of them were wet and muddy from the early in the evening hose/water gun battle. I will say that all of my Dennies will be thankful that we have water tonight-I certainly am.

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