April 13, 2023

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  • Robby went to his D group early this morning but was back home fairly early. I was about to get out of bed on time today, but then decided that why? Everyone else was still sleeping, and thankfully, they were all easy to wake up.
  • Reagan didn't go to her class today because she is so far ahead on everything. That left Robby to take Graham to his class. I  met him in one of the vans so we could get every cent of our Kroger gas rewards. Unfortunately, we weren't able to even fill both of the vans up.
  • After getting gas, I did avoid finishing school with a few more minutes while I ducked into Kroger with Robby to pick up a few things. Of course, while we were buying things there, we were also adding things to our Walmart delivery.
  • When I did return home, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and Anderson were about to play an Uno game so I joined them for a few rounds. After the game finished (and I did win one round),  I finsihed up working wtih Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman.
  • Later this afternoon, Cambpell and I went to the pregnancy center. On the way, we dropped off Anderson at Raymar so he could paint the fields. We worked at New Beginnings for a little bit, and then stopped at Academy to buy Campbell some shorts before getting to Raymar.
  • The soccer players all had practice tonight. The weather was nice so Robby brought Bentley to walk around the fields with me. After practice, we all arrived home-Reagan had been at her Dgroup, Anderson and Campbell stayed late to lock up Raymar and the rest of us.
  • We heated up some suppers and settled in to watch some tv for the rest of the evening.

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