April 7, 2023

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  • I was fairly productive this morning, but when it became afternoon prouctive would not be a word to describe me. I was up before the kids and started off with my morning chores before waking up the kids.
  • I walked Bentley while they woke up, and then we did our morning reading with Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman. Then Graham drove Campbell, Keaton, and I to Nonna and Pops. Cambpell and Keaton went to Nonna's for a bit this afternoon to help her with the bunny cake.
  • While they were gone, I did some spelling with Whitman before he left with Robby for a hair cut. The goal had been to get all of the boy haircuts before Easter, but Anderson and Graham did NOT want their hair cut yet. I did trim a tiny bit around both of their ears, but I did so little that no one would ever be able to tell. 
  • Reagan went to work this afternoon and then came home briefly before heading to the Kingdom. The last time she was in the Kingdom she was baby Jesus. I have posted the picture of her (and also Campbell) when she was the Baby Jesus. (Reagan is the chubby one.)
  • This year Reagan is one of the angels in the kingdom-if you blink the last second you will miss her! We decided to go tonight, they had a few kinks that need to be worked our, but it was all still wonderful. I probably could go and see it every performance.
  • On the way home, it was late and we were hungry so Robby ordered pizza-from the wrong place. That was fine even though we had to drive a bit out of the way to pick up pizza. By the time that we made it home, Reagan was already home in the shower. 
  • We ate while watching tv. I am sure that the kids will stay up fairly late tonight-maybe I will as well. Though the last few nights, I have fallen asleep with my book in my hand. Robby had to take it out of my hand one night, and the other night he had to ask me how long I was going to "read" that same page. 

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