April 6, 2023

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  • The other days this week, I am sure that the kids stayed up crazy late, slept in, and half way did the little school work that they had. So when today went fairly well-went to bed on time-ish, woke up by 8:30 to start on school, and completed the weeks worth of school-I was surprised.
  • Everyone had quite a bit more work today than they had the rest of the week, but that is good becuase we just have 4 more weeks of school around here. Now, we do sneak in some summer school, but please don't tell the kids.
  • Graham had his class today and almost won some bonus points. I know that he was bummed about not getting any, but really since his grade in there is a 97 he doesn't need any bonus points at all. Reagan had her class and she remains super ahead on her math right now. 
  • Robby picked Graham up, and he tried to also pick up his Sams order, but of course that came through when he did get home. Later in the afternoon, he dropped Campbell, Whitman, Keaton and I off at Defy for them to jump for a little bit while he ran to pick up his order.
  • While we were gone there, Anderson headed off to Raymar to work for a few hours. Then Keaton, Campbell and Robby went that way too for their soccer practice. And finally, Reagan left for church for Kingdom practice. 
  • I opted to stay home since it was cold outside. I realized how chilly it was when I took Bentley for a walk and then when I went outside to practice some soccer and running with Whitman. I did walk on the treadmill for a little bit, trimmed Graham's hair (you can't tell that I cut anything though-I didn't want to mess it up) and I even made some supper for all of the folks when they do get home!
  • Reagan just updated me about Kingdom practice-she was a bit worried that they may need another practice before the performance tomorrow. Hopefully, it will all come together!

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