July 1, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Robby had to go and pick up the golf cart at 8 this morning. He was up early, probably because I was up earlier than him. He left a bit early to go by the front desk because his Magic Band never opens the gate when we drive in. Unfortunately, he did have to wait 45 minutes on the golf cart man, but since the golf cart was free we sure weren't complaining. (The May goft cart didn't have lights most of the time that we were here, and then a man came to work on it twice. It wasn't a huge inconvenience since we rigged it up with lights and still went on our night driving.)

When he returned, I rode with him to pick up the cart from the front of the campground. Then we hurried Keaton and Whitman to get ready and headed out the door for Magic Kingdom. Our Tron group had been called, and we just had an hour to get there.

Obviously, it was super hot today, and the Tron line was quite a bit outside. We were super sweaty by the time we made it to the ride. I think that Robby said that we had to about an hour. After Tron, we rode Dumbo with a wait.

Despite Whitman and Keaton's protest, we joined a line to see some characters-Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and Donald. Keaton is on a fudge kick so when we finished those pictures we bought a piece fudge to split between us all. 

This campground is absolutely packed and a bit on the wild side this weekend. However, we were surprised that the park wasn't insane today. The lines were mostly too long for us to wait in, but we were able to do a few things like those rides and the characters without too much of a wait.

We then walked to the boat to go back to the campground, but instead we ended up taking the bus. We didn't have to wait long at all for the bus which was nice because it was still hot. When we got back, Keaon and I did some looping. 

Actually, we drove all around this campground. One thing I did learn today is that there all kind of patriotic inflatablies. Even a Benjamin Franklin inflatable. Keaton put some Disney bracelets on golf carts, we hid two things for the scavenger hunt, we traded pins, and we found two things. We filled out cups up at the drink station, and saw almost all of the loops. Before going in, we stopped at the camper to pick up Whitman so they could get popcorn at somebodies campsite. 

By the time we did go in, I was drenched again in sweat. Even with the wind from the golf cart blowing on you, it was still hot! When we picked up Whitman, we even dropped Bentley off since she was panting because she was warm.

I cooled off inside while Keaton rode her bike some looking for scavenger hunt things. Robby eventually went on a golf cart ride to get him a drink. He made it back before the rain came, but Keaton came in pretty wet once a rain shower passed through.

Tonight's supper was manicotti. That is what we had planned on eating last night, but we weren't home at supper time plus it was too hot to turn on the oven. Tonight, it was still probably too hot to turn on the oven, but the camper was cold with the airs running so it was fine. We had manicotti and bread before heading back to Magic Kingdom.

Keaton wanted to take pictures tonight with the big camera that she has started carrying around. She also wanted to ride the Speedway which she did twice. Our first stop was popcorn tonight followed by sitting and watching the Small World ride while drinking some water. 

Then we rode Small World with no wait at all which was probably because the fire works were about to go off. When we finished, the fireworks were happening so we rushed on over to the Speedway for Keaton. We had about 10 minutes until the park closed so we hit up the Space Mountain line. Apparently, most people in the park went in that line because we did have to wait about 45, but that probably helped with our boat line.

The boat back was full, but we were able to find seats. It was after 11 when we made it back so Keaton and I went to refill our drinks while Whitman was taking a shower. Keaton has had her shower while the rest of us are carrying on like it is not almost midnight. 

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