February 11, 2024

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  • We planned on leaving for church early again today so everyone could find their seats; however, it was not easy for sure. We were a bit later loading up, but when I came outside Robby was trying to jump the white van while some of the kids were in the van and others were milling around trying to figure out what to do.
  • I waited to get in the car until he had successfully jumped the white van. That is when I noticed his tire light was on. I looked out my mirror and could tell that the back tired looked funny, so I climbed out and compared it to the other tire-yep, it was low. I said something, and after Robby saw it he called for everyone to move to the brown van.
  • We did all of this quickly and were soon on our way to church. Whitman and Keaton sat up with us-Keaton couldn't get any friends to come and sit down in the front with her so we were her second choice.
  • Campbell, who is my faithful blog reader, was a little chatty down front this morning. Of course, Robby and I tried to give her the evil eye, and she even received a warning text from me. Now Campbell knows that her mom and dad would certainly join her down in the front in the middle of the sermon if needed. 
  • She is also the child that told Robby that we were poor. He asked why, and she replied, "because we have ads on netflix."
  • Whitman stayed after church and had pizza with his lifegroup. They also painted pottery-he painted a fox. Robby picked him up, and he told Robby on the way home that people kept asking him "chiefs or 49ers?" Whitman could care less anything about sports so he didn't have an answer for that question.
  • We went to Grannymom's house for lunch. Then we hurried home so Robby could pick up Whitman while I went to work on making a few things for our Super Bowl party. 
  • Reagan went to her life group tonight for their Super Bowl party while Keaton, Campbell, Anderson, and Graham all went to Rock Creek for their Super Bowl party.
  • Meanwhile, back at the house we ended up with quite the party spread here. We had chips and salsa, buffalo dip, pigs in the blanket, ham and cheese sliders, empandas, spirals, back crackers, a chocolate trifle, sugar cookies, popcorn, and pretzels. We watched the game and visited during most of it. 
  • Keaton received a 15 dollar Taco Bell gift card because someone didn't want theirs. And Graham won the dodge ball tournament and won a $100 gift card. So they all came home happy, but even though they had lots of food, they all came in and had some more of our leftover party food.
  • Reagan was the last one home tonight, and there were lots of stories to hear before we were able to get everyone in bed, and I think that everyone did have a good time. 

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